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  1. They don't have to be related. Check some local Boy/Cub scout packs. I helped a young man get started fly tying and fly fishing about 30 years ago. I got a Christmas card from him some years later with a picture of him fishing with his son. Pass this stuff on. I know I've passed on worse habits.
  2. Great way to re-purpose. I re-purpose jogging strollers into sporting clays buggies.
  3. Thanks. He's a good kid. His parents doing a great job with him or he wouldn't see me as much. I have a low tolerance for spoiled brats.
  4. It's my job and my joy to pass these things on. I fished with his mother and I pray I'm around long enough fish with his kids.
  5. Just posted some pics under Start them young.
  6. First fish is on his great great grandmothers old cane pole that I started on over 60 years ago. Then this is the first fly the kid tied and the trout that ate the fly. Installed a pretty big grin.
  7. I'll see what I can do. I need to have I.T.-wife person help with that.
  8. The Colorado river cuts Austin in half and I can put my little boat in without getting within 20 feet of anyone. Norther came through last night so it was slow fishing today but I caught a few. Amazingly lightly fished for a city of over a million. I seldom see more than a couple others fishing.
  9. My guide once saw one of my flies and told me I should consider golf instead. The funniest part is I still hire him.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I think I may have been using too much. I'll try tonight. Too pretty here not to go fishing.
  11. I'm having trouble getting evenly distributed on the thread especially the longer fur of the raccoon. BTW does P.E.T.A. know what we do?
  12. Cleaning out a closet today and found a mink shawl and a raccoon collar from an old coat but I'm having trouble getting on the dubbing loop evenly. What am I doing wrong? I haven't used a dubbing loop in years but I know I used to know how.
  13. Just don't type anything you wouldn't say to someones face.
  14. Is building a rod using just the tip section called a bantam rod? I know that some of the bamboo rods we're rebuilt using just the middle and tip of a 3 piece rod.
  15. Silk liners and thick wool oversocks works well for me even when wading wet.
  16. Mine is a 6' SC 3wt. that Joe Robinson helped me with. I put an Orvis 50A bail-less reel on it and spooled it with 7X tippet material. It'll cast a 1/64oz. jig to the next zip code.
  17. built a 3wt. flyrod blank into a micro-lite spinning rod? I did and it's a lot of fun for small and the occasional large fish in streams too wooded for a back cast.
  18. Living Waters Fly shop in Round Rock has been deemed an essential business and will be re-opening Monday morning. I'll be spending locally.
  19. Just called Chris to place an order. They've been deemed an essential business and will re-open Monday.
  20. Talked to Chris at Living Waters a few days ago. The store is closed but he'll ship what you want. I'm putting together an order now. I support local business anytime I can.
  21. Sorry. Just noticed how old the post was.
  22. Not on your list but Lamson Guru has served me well for the last couple years.
  23. Remember him well. My wife bought all of his books for me. Signed and usually with a fly. Is A.K. Best still with us?
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