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  1. Thank you I will check that out.
  2. Does this fly look ok to sell as a hex pattern? Had someone who wanted some and I very never done them below. Give me the truth below
  3. Thank you all! I will try them tonight
  4. What type of hex flies are these? Found them in a box I got with a rod and am going out to hit the hatch today.
  5. Sorry I haven't posted much recently but here I my first good muddler minnow. A gentleman and I had a video call and he walked me through spinning the deer hair. Thank you Jeff!
  6. Very nice welcome back to tieing!!!
  7. Kimo I found you Instagram page just now 😁
  8. *Update* Walleye Flies are done hopefully they hold up which I have no doubt they wont.
  9. 👍 thankfully I am a stick so I fit quite well in the kayak
  10. Sorry for the mess I have 11 done
  11. Got an order for 26 walleye flies hopefully they all turn out good. Also here is a size 10 hopper pattern
  12. Wow. Just wow you sure your not pulling these off the river bottom?
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