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  1. https://www.fishingmegastore.com/fly-tying-synthetics/lureflash-plastazote-fly-foam-sheet~49527.html Plastazote? It is kinda what you described. Hope this helps.
  2. Started designing a mold for ice fishing plastics yesterday and printed out a small prototype.
  3. Is this any good? http://www.speydoctor.com/hatch-chart.html
  4. Another salmon fly Im sure it has a name or is a variation of something but I was just throwing stuff together of something I saw awhile ago Silver fench tinsel Purple tying thread Silver French tinsel Peacock herl Black bucktail and black hackle
  5. Willys Dragonfly Var Size 6 salmon hook Silver tinsel Yellow floss Red and yellow 4 strand floss Peacock hurl Green thread Silver tinsel rip Cat toy feathers Peacock swords
  6. I am going to try to 3d print a vise bas. It could be cool.
  7. There is a popper head on thingiverse that I have been printing some of.
  8. For Christmas my parents got me a mini 3d printer. I LOVE it! The last couple days I have been working on optimizing my logo using fusion 360 to change it to an stl file (code that the printer understands). It was definitely harder than I expected but in the end it came out pretty sweet. I will post the failed attempts if anyone is interested.
  9. Hi Landon, I think you are doing a fine job and learning along the way. One thing is for sure, no matter what you write, someone will find something to dispute it. Don't get discouraged. It just seems to be the sport of the internet to knit-pick everything.

    Merry Christmas

  10. Get a small sheet of fabric from Walmart. The one I got was 95 cents and it is perfect.
  11. I love cortland leaders since they are only 2 dollars a piece so I don't get mad when I get one tangled on a tree.
  12. WHAT! Will they still have leaders?
  13. I can post my phone holder if you are interested. It is just an old vise with a phone stand on it.
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