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  1. Here are 10 pheasant tails for my first swap.
  2. I got every single one of them from the same hole and im think what the heck do I need to realise this thing somewhere else?
  3. All fell to a beadhead pt. Lost a couple at the net also.
  4. I've been taught if you are going to stand up to a problem you need to have a suggestion on how to make it better.
  5. Thanks again chug. i will run it by them. More videos coming soon.
  6. Chug I reached out to Neil Travis the editor and owner of FAOL and here is what I got back. Landon, Most of the patterns that you find on our site were contributed by individual authors. I cannot give you permission to use their instructions without contacting each individual personally. Some of them are dead and some I have no way of contacting them. Good luck in your fly tying. Neil M. Travis Also putting together a collection of "Know your basics fly tying videos"
  7. I got it from a bp when I went to get minnows. Somehow he snuck in.
  8. recently I have been trying to raise a bullhead. Got him out of my bait bucket on Thursday. He is in a 5 gallon bucket that has rocks, sand, sticks and a cave. I have an aquarium air rator in the bucket also. Water temp is around 50 degrees. When i checked it out today the bullhead was on the top of the water ( not normal at all) and was swimming very erratically. He has a big grey spot on his gills extending downtime body a bit. Also put a minnow in as a tank mate. Minnow is fine. I have only feed them once on Tuesday with fish flakes and I didnt give them very many, maybe 2 or 3 that i had crushed up. Anyone have any idea what happened and how I can fix it?
  9. Well now if Mike goes missing on a trip to the artic we know who to blame.....
  10. Congrats Mark. As for working with Mike goodluck....
  11. can i use slotted beads on traditional hooks? Putting and order in and only slottec are available.
  12. Are they a heavier wire hook?
  13. Saw this on a Gunner Brammer video and thought it would be cool.
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