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  1. Could you possibly post a pic of the skeleton? Just the hook and the links/segments so I can tell what size and how many you are using? I make my own links, so brand size means nothing to me. Maybe set it on a ruler to scale off of.
  2. When I started out, i had deer tails. I was trying to tie bugs with the tail hair...LOL.. Also with hair more suited for caddis wings ect. Then I learned about belly hair. Oh boy! having the right material for stacking and spinning deer makes a HUGE difference..
  3. YO McFlyLures Two shad jointed to be one fly. But I must say that material choice is a key factor. Your flies look perfect for this. Enrico Puglisi EP fibres are a great choice. I think that is what you used, or an equivalent too. Water repelling, less dense material are a must when making bigger flies. (just my opinion) Materials that absorbs water (and doesn't shed it during your false casts) are worthless. It's like trying to cast a wet sock. I have made "A LOT" of awesome looking flies in my hand that sucked on the end of my fly line..LOL Even when casting with 9 and 10 weight set-ups. I go big for bass. LOL. If you attach this little gem at the end of your mono or wire connecting extension, you can detach the trailing fly any time you want. BOOM!
  4. Lord have mercy on the fish (bass) you present those too. The color of the top five is spot on! At least where I live. (note: I got the shad pic off the web.) Just an idea. I run two in tandem, as a jointed fly. I swear it gets more strikes then when I use a single shad fly. I would love to see you tie a jointed - double shad in that color.
  5. I don't care how old you are, if there is a lot of clutter behind a fly vise, it makes hard on the eyes to focus on the fly. I have always used a back drop. Try it. You will like it. Way easier on your eyes.
  6. Here are a couple ways. Glass ball, Glass dome , and a shadow box. Everything except the stand for the ball came from Hobby Lobby. I made the ball stand from a long skinny triangular piece of lexan that I heated over my oven top burner and bent to shape.
  7. Get the flank feathers!
  8. I think this is one of the coolest stories I have ever seen on this site! I hope you and the Misses bond a million ways because of this new hobby for her. I totally mean that. God bless you both. Only down side I can think of is the day YOU go to tie a batch of size 16 Elk hair Caddis's and all your #16 dry fly hooks you planed to use are gone. She walks up and shows you this awesome set of size 16 Adams she just tied. LOL.. Brother,,,,,,, the only words out of your mouth BETTER BE,,,,,, "I'm super proud of you honey. They look great", give her a peck on the cheek then just walk away. BITE YOUR TONGUE AND JUST WALK AWAY! I think this is a blessing for both of you to share. SO DON'T BLOW IT! LOL
  9. I've taken newbies fly fishing. I would have them tie a foam beetle and a wooly bugger before we started. The excitement they would have to catch a fish on a fly they tied them selves was priceless. They were hooked too.
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