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  1. I was wandering if anyone knows about Paul Beel of the web site "Frankenfly" ? He is a super nice guy and hope all is well for him. I just haven't seen his site change in a while and hope nothing bad has happened. That's all.
  2. Yea, but it looks WAY cooler in the flybox. LOL
  3. Where do you get the foam? Is it Chocklett's Loco Foam? I find no hits with "Wild Foam". I totally expect to get some double hook-ups of white bass durring a feeding frenzy when the shad are small. SUPER FUN ON A FLY ROD!!!!
  4. DUDE!!! This thing is awesome! I'm tying some for black bass, and I bet the white bass and wipers will smack this too. Thanks for the idea! I have looked all over the web for "WILD FLY FOAM 3mm, peacock" with NO success. Where is this purchased? Or are you using Chocklett's Loco Foam?
  5. Even the jaws are blue? Or are they just heat treated? That's really nice! If I didn't already have a zillion vises, I would have to get one of those. I'm jealous. Went to Renzetti, checked it out, jaws are heat treated. Still a sweet looking vise, still jealous.
  6. Good Lord !!!! I know a place in Colorado on the Rio Grand, below the reservoir, that this fly would SLAY the trout, when the caddis hatch is on. I LIKE THIS FLY!
  7. I have a lot of luck with a hopper dropper rig. Simple hopper on top , with either a Killer caddis (in red or green beads) or a San Juan worm below. Now what Bluegill/ Sunfish wouldn't eat a San Juan worm for crying out loud. It works really well for me. Now the hopper by it self works well too of course, but some times those sunfish that come to look but not eat will nail that little morsel dangling below the top fly. (Note: photo's are not mine but are from the web.)
  8. Yo flytire, Where did you see that little miter box and saw?
  9. chugbug, i have tied the jointed damsel nymph. I'll give it a go there.
  10. Hey chugbug, That's a nice site. I would like to tie that scud with a little orange egg sack in the middle. I have caught scuds there with the egg sack. Sandman, I have seen big salmon flies late summer there. At least that is what I call it. Huge stone fly looking thing. I watched a trout come out of the water to snatch a low flying one, close to elephant rock north of Buena vista. I was able to catch one myself to take home to imitate a pattern of it. So I have some of those and some other stone fly patterns. Orange and yellow stimulators work well as a stonefly. At least they worked well below the Rio grand reservoir by Creed Colorado. I have never tried a chironomid there. That sounds like a new weapon. Thanks!
  11. I have been there many times before and have had success on super small parachute Adams, red humpies, yellow humpies, hopper dropper rigs with Copper johns and pheasant tail below. Will be at a small lake at an elevation of 9,000 feet. Have also done well with an Olive and black wooly bugger. The lake has a ton of damsel flies and scuds too, but I have never caught a fish on either fly to imitate them. Drives me nuts!! Will be close to the Arkansas River and will also fish it a day or two. Another fly I have KILLED on is a fly from "The Fly Shop" I saw in their catalogue and copied. Either Kevin's or Mike's red eye midge. Don't see it any more, but I have caught so many fish on it.
  12. I'm headed to the Buena Vista area of Colorado in August and was wandering if anyone knew of some flies they've used there before with success.
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