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  1. Mike, if you ever come to Richmond when it's not winter, you're welcome to come by.
  2. Sampling of an hours worth of fishing. 8 bass, 6 bluegill. Love how these bluegill fight twice as hard as the bass. All on a sinking spider.
  3. That’s kind of the direction I was thinking about going. How do you typically tie your leaders? Line weight, length, knots?
  4. I’ve always used tapered for trout, but only get to fish for them maybe a couple of times a year. I went to straight mono for everything else because of availability and the cost difference and for the most part, it worked pretty well. I typically try to bass/panfish a couple times a week, and fly change outs eat up the leader pretty quick.
  5. You are correct. Has worked fine for panfish and large bass, a lot cheaper than buying leaders. I am probably going to try tying up some tapered leaders in the near future.
  6. Thanks everyone for all the good input. I'll change up a few things, starting with the type of knot and go from there.
  7. I mostly fish for large mouth, small mouth bass, sunfish etc. I typically make up simple mono leaders, 10-12lbs just using a perfection loop knot. Never had any issues with knots failing. Where I've been fishing lately, I've starting to hang into some bowfin that are bigger, 10lbs+, and they hit quite a bit harder on the take than bass. Now my leaders are starting to snap off right at the loop to fly line connection. Any recommendations for better fly line to leader connection? I like using the loops so I can change them out quickly, but not if they are going to keep breaking off.
  8. It's a copy of a design by a guide in northern VA by the name of Rob Snowhite. You can find him on youtube. He was tying them at the fly fishing show in January, and gave my son one. I fished it and it worked well, so I made up these in a few different colors.
  9. This catfish was one of 5 big ones I've caught over the past 3 days, plus a few smaller channel cats. It's funny, I ran into a couple of guys from fish and game who were tagging blue cats in the same area, and I beat there biggest catch by 10" .
  10. So the river has been crazy high and muddy and no luck with the fly rod, so I've been trying my hand at catfishing.
  11. Went with my son this morning, had a good time. Picked up a few casting pointers and got to watch some good fly tyer's in action.
  12. Peartree

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  13. My older brother and I had it drilled into us even before we started driving to always wear our seatbelts. When I was 20, we were travelling home in crummy weather, came upon a sharp curve and the road went one way, my truck went the other. The front end of the truck plowed into the bank and we flipped end over end, then rolled 2 more times and landed upside down. When we stopped, we were both hanging upside down from our seatbelts, in an otherwise totally demolished truck. After popping the seatbelts, dropping to the ceiling/ground, we both crawled out and other than some bumps, minor cuts and bruises, we both were very thankful to be alive. Yes, my family and I never go anywhere without wearing seatbelts.
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