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  1. South America small stream Golden Durado. https://youtu.be/440_Ylns4gM
  2. Hey SBPatt - I think your Foam-Backed Sedgehog would make an excellent, long floating traveling sedge imitation for lakes. Maybe an olive color size 8 and 10. Thanks
  3. Hey Chasing_Tails- You're Raggedy Stone is awesome.
  4. That was tough! It pained me to have some of my faves lose.
  5. tferg


    Timely! Any tiers here from Ukraine? In my thoughts and prayers.
  6. An online fly tying catalog might be a good place to start. Lots of pics of feathers. There are many online shops. Google fly tying catalog.
  7. Although I've never had a pair of high end waders, I've tried a few on that fit too snug in the feet. Easy on and off is of huge importance to an old timer like me. I fish a lot of brushy stuff. Cabelas high and dry work nicely but they do leak pretty quickly. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  8. I used white thread with no color preserver years ago for a see through wrap.
  9. It would look cooler if it was maroon and white. Ha ha
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