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  1. Might not be an alevin. Not really sure what an alevin is. But here is a little minnow.
  2. I’ll try the alevin. I don’t tie many minnow patterns.
  3. Next fly up any kind of flying ant will do 🐜
  4. Crow beetle Hook: size 12 dry fly thread: black body: peacock herl shellback & head: buck tail dyed black I put a white yarn sighter very easy to tie good for a beginner
  5. I’ll do the crow beetle I never heard of it.
  6. Ok I’ll keep an eye out for them thanks for hosting dry flies are always useful no matter what the pattern!
  7. I find it easy for international ( Canada ) to send $ in whatever currency the sm is in ( U.S.A) and either get the change back. But just my opinion and works for me so far as long as the sm is ok with doing it.
  8. The brown mallard kinda blends into the hackle. next fly sparkle pupa if anyone ties thos ?
  9. Niveker you’re right tons of black squirrels in canada, I swear in southern Ontario they’re the size of a small dog. And not afraid of people.
  10. Grohmann makes some nice knives. I little bit expensive but would probably last you a life time. I’ve used them for years no complaints I’ve cut salmon up to 25 pounds with the 8” blade easy . Rapalas and inexpensive brands are good also.
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