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  1. I tried all but it is not moving. I can go to Topic Listing or to next Unread Topic easily. Well, hopefully one day it will be fixed. Until then we can contribute and see each others flies on different forums.
  2. Excellent tie. 🍺 I searched for Jingler and there is nice video also on youtube. This is some Scottish pattern?
  3. Sad news. He was an inspiration to many of us. My condolences to his family. Just read note Ms Whitlock wrote in Facebook page. It is so gentle and loving ... So sad ...
  4. Your comments here are proof how great this Forum is! Regardless of being on the opposite spectrum of this subject we all still contribute. I believe together we can make this forum amazing resource platform for new ideas, new creations and follow individual developments. I personally benefited a lot so far! Thank you to all contributors!
  5. Keep eye on the tread please. It is highly appreciated.
  6. We at British Columbia Canada have a strict rules implemented by fisheries to use single, barbless fly and many of us follow that religiously. I usually do not even look closely, or comment on barbed hook flies, or watch youtube fly tying videos done on barbed hooks. I just skip them. But that is my personal decision. I am not here to judge others or tell others what to do. I am here to contribute to this Forum and learn. I appreciate other members contributions greatly. Flies I look at here, are very good.
  7. Excellent! I like you pinched hook barb. Beautiful tie.
  8. I was hoping this will be deer hair deal alert. Anyone is aware of some?
  9. I tried to tie hybrid emerger with wire and pheasant tail body but sunk eventually in glass of water. I guess I have to minimize body materials and make fly float better, Looks kind of OK on pictures but needs work in reality:
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