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  1. Nicely done everyone, congrats :clapping: :clapping: steve
  2. Brian , welcome to the addicting sport of tying . I myself in Utah , was pointed to some of the local favorites, when I started tying a couple years ago. These are the ones I started with: 1. RENAGADE (butt hackle = brown hackle , body= peacock herl , front hackle = white hackle) 2. RIO GRANDE (tail=tippet , body= blk chennele, wing = calf tip, brown hackle) 3. PHEASENT TAIL -beaded & non beaded 4. WOOLY BUGGERS - Blk, BRN, GRN 5. ELK HAIR CADDIS - Tan ,Olive Hope that helps Steve
  3. I agree with Soft Hackle, pratice is key to getting better . I think you improve through tying and repeating and improving the last fly you tie . Try to be consistant with how you tie your flies. ( Like if you made only 3 wraps of dubbing for the thorax and it looks good , try to remember so when it comes to the next one it will look the same.) etc. You have found a awsome resource to use and many helpfull guys here, dont be afriad to ask if need some pointers. steve
  4. O Mickey your so fine ,your so fine , you"ll blow the trouts mind :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: Nicely done steve
  5. Very nice John. I like the clean look it has, thats why I think sometimes the "simplier" looking one are harder to do. Its to the point and you can hide any flaws. And I see no flaws :thumbup: steve
  6. I agree with Jamie your wing is awwwwsome . :headbang: :bugeyes: I dont know why you would want to cut it off, Id be dancing in circle with that kinda finished fly. steve
  7. Very nicely done, I like the clean look to th pattern Steve
  8. All I can say is :clapping: Very nice Jamie steve
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flyboyutah: <a href="http://flytyingforum.com/index.php?act=flyshow&showid=5211">Victory (Stevens)</a> <img src="uploads/img46f1b7905d23d.jpg"> all I had for grey hackle was a dun grey hackle. hope like comments suggestions welcome steve
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by flyboyutah: Weaver (Stevens)
  11. Depending on your printer , you may have a "photo shop" type of program with it , to resize the picture after downloading it to your computer. After I load them up on to my computer, I'll change the size , not sure what the size other than the " E-Mail " size . Try that to see if that works plus it seems to load much quicker than what the true size would . Hope that helps steve
  12. Another Hit there Jamie. I was starting to wounder how you found the time to tie so many in a short time. Half of the time lately I'm just trying to decied which fly to tie. Your right on that Mike and Lee are great inspiration to follow. steve
  13. Very Nice one agian. :thumbup: Steve
  14. Thanks guys for the comps. I haven't been tying for awhile , hope to find more time to get back into it . I been wanting to get more into the artistic side of tying ( Salmon, MOM's and Carrie's ). I been getting more of the "specialized" material ordered to continue on that quest. I hope to bring more to you guys to commet on here shortly. steve P.s On the body I used regular waxed dental floss as a underbody build up. Does any one else use it or that wierd?
  15. Nicely done , Looks very well thought out, love the colors in the wing. OORA... Devil Dog Semper Fi steve
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