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  1. I was doing some cleaning tonight. I looked at the flies I've recevied in swaps from years past, there are some amazing tyers on this board . Thank you to the tyers and the swapmeisters.
  2. I have all the major brands, Daiichi, Mustad, TMC, etc. My go to hook is Gamakatsu. I do use Daiichi and Partridge as well.
  3. :headbang: :thumbup: :clapping: Those things are nice. Can you say Pike, Bass, Browns?
  4. count me in again. :headbang: always have fun with this one. :yahoo:
  5. I'll take 2. Stone Blue and Olive. 2xl please.
  6. I recently had a back up in the basement. Yep, my fishing gear was down there, tying room etc. after cleaning it up, im left wondering, would the lines still be good? Can I was them , and treat them and haave them stilll be decent? thanks
  7. I've been called an oddball. I'm right hand dominate, so therfore I should tie to the right, correct? Wrong, for some strange reason, I tie to the left. Does this make any kind of sense? I've tried tying to the right, doesn't work so well.
  8. Crazy charlies in white and silver are my favorite
  9. I found some bugs in some seal fur, it was isolated to that bag only. I found no living critters anywhere else. Now what, can I nuke the fur and continue using it, or is it ruined? Any ideas?
  10. For the guys in Arkansas, I'm headed down this weekend. What are you guys using in the White and Norfork? What about the little red? Crooked anybody fishing there? Thank you
  11. I held out, and opened them today. I hav ea great set of flues from.................. Nomad :headbang: :yahoo:. Thanks to BFR for hosting.
  12. I got mine the other day, still haven't opened them. Only 9 hrs. to go.
  13. Nice, any problems with the tail fouling?
  14. Nice. I tie them alot for Bass, Northern and Musky. I use 60 deg. jig hooks, lots of good action in the water
  15. I bought one from the same guy, I also picked up a grouse skin. They are both good. Lots of color and useable feathers on each one.
  16. I have a couple 'coon skins, I've seen 2 or 3 different colors of under fur. The guard hairs make some nice tails. I cut some strips out of 1 hide.
  17. I have 1 mustad 32. I have 25 of the TMC 32s. Good luck in your search.
  18. If you'll have me for this swap, if there is room, sign me up. I have not been disappointed yet.
  19. very cool> Thanks for the extra pics. I'll just have to tie some.
  20. I could be wrong, I think this is the hook that was used originally for this fly.
  21. I'm tying yelow and orange on an Eagle Claw 413 60deg. Jig hook
  22. I'm in, Ilove tying and fishing them
  23. First off let me say that I am guilty, yep I've done it, bought tying materials at a craft store. Why? Did I want o save money? Sure, did I need or want the item(s) I bought? Yep. The thing you really have ask yourself is this, do you really need that super-mega pack of foam in 30 different colors? You know the one it measures 12x18, costs around $8.00, are you going to use all that stuff at once? I also think about our local shop, all be it not a very well stocked one. If there is something you want or need, they can get it for you. I have since started rethinking my attitude toward craft stores, I do alot of window shopping, then I support my local shop or another that I have been to.
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