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  1. The other day I was watching some tying videos on You Tube and I watched a guy paint some popper bodies using an airbrush. The neat thing about the airbrush was that it used markers. Does anyone know about this type of airbrush? Is anyone using this kind of airbrush? From what I could see it did a pretty good job.
  2. Does anyone have a good methode of mounting flies in a shadow box? I've tried pins, didn't work very well. I've tried glueing a post to the back of the box and sticking the hook through the post. It didn't work too bad except the large flies had to be glued at the hook to keep them from tipping over. And the all thoes posts made the box look crowded. All suggestions would be welcome. Thanks John
  3. Is there anyone on the site that fishes the Piegon River in Northeastern Indiana? If so, could you give me an updated on the Browns. Are they spawning below the Mongo or Nasby Dams? The river has been a good producer of browns since spring and now it's like they have vanished. I'm having a heck of a time walking. My disability has gotten worse and I'm looking for a place to fish for trout in lower Eastern Michigan and Northeast Indiana that would be easy access for me. I would appreciate any information on places close to the state line that I could get to. Thanks Hopper John
  4. Best wishes Joel. Hope you have a successful operation and a speedy recovery.
  5. Gotta say thanks to Soft Hackle and Letumgo for the work they are doing with soft-hackle flies. I tied up a few and went after some bluegills. The flies work fine. They will be even better when I get used to using them. Even the smallmouths showed some interest in the larger ones. Caught two smallies on them. Here's a picture of a few I tied up. For sure, soft-hackle flies have a place in fly box. Can't wait to try them on trout. Later Hopper John
  6. Really nice looking flies. I'll have to tie some. Thanks for posting them. Later Hopper John
  7. Wow! Great looking fly. It would be hard to get that one wet.
  8. I was reallly disapointed with some of the plates in my new copy of Ray Bergman's book Trout. Plates: 7, 11 and 15 through 19 range from a little blury to really bad. Just wondering if anyone else has recieved a book with this problem. I assume there is always a chance that the plates could be bad, because the rest of the illustrations in the book are really sharp. Tight lines, Hopper John
  9. Great looking poppers. What is raft? Hopper John
  10. That'a a neat idea. Thanks for doing it. John
  11. Those are really nice flies. I just started using scuds and I've caught a few trout on them. They are fun to tie. Heck, I think every fly is fun to tie. Tightlines, John
  12. Rooster Tail makes a pink,white and green spinner called the Rainbow. When I use to throw steel I used this spinner a lot because it is one of their good ones. I incorporated those colors into this fly. I didn't have the dark magenta hackle that would have matched the skirt on the spinner so I use white hen hackle. I gotta tell ya I like those split tails. Boy, do the ever dress up a fly. I tied up some royal coachmans on 6 and 8 3399s for a friend of mine that took them steelhead fishing. He lost all of them on hookups. I think he is hooked on classic wet flies because he even offered to pay for more. And he's so tight that Old Abe squeals when he lets go of a the penny. Anyway, just thought I'd show you guys the fly. Later Hopper John
  13. I glue some 3mm foam to the inside of the top of a hook container with goop. This makes for a handy little case for storing the flies without crushing the wings and they are easy to get to. Plus, if you drop it in the water it floats. I do that quite often. When the doggone tremors in my arms and hands hit things get to flying all over the place. Kind of funny sometimes. Later Hopper John
  14. After a week or so of tieing I finally got some flies I consider good enough to show you guys. Trust me you don't want to see the other stuff. The Royal Coachman is tied on a 3399 #12, the Lead Wing and the Silver and Black are both on a 3399 #8. I really enjoy tieing these wet flies. I had trouble crushing the front peacock herl on the coachman when I tied on the wings. Is there a secret to doing this? Or is it just part of the learning curve? Anyway, please let me know what you think. Thanks Hopper John
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