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Fly Tying

Hopper/Terrestrial Swap

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Lets swap some terrestrial patterns. Some big foam hoppers, maybe some ants or beetles, anything will do though. Basic swap rules apply.


12 swappers would be great but if thats too many I can always drop the number down. Please toe tag the flies and send them in a self addressed envelope with return postage. One fly for each swapper except yourself. I think a due date of May 15th should be enough time. Have fun.




Tyler94- Mini Hopper

1. Bassbuster- Neon Mutant Hopper- Received

2. add147- Charlie Boy Hopper- Received

3. JasonV- Epoxy Ant- Received

4. [email protected] Peacock Beetle- Received

5. fishingbobnelson- Siberian Wood Ant- Received

6. backyardhunter3006- Received

7. netabrookie- Cricket- Received

8. jd1983- Chernobyl Ant Variant- Received

9. green- Spider- Received

10. vicrider- Received

11. Jolly Red- Fishy Fulloms Grasshopper- Received

12. BassBugn- TBD

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I'm in. Maybe an ant or a cricket or something else. I will make up my mind soon and let everyone know.

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I will tie the Siberian Wood Ant.

That sounds like an interesting pattern! I'm going to Google that just to see...

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I'm caught up on my flies except crabs. I need to learn how to use foam and youse guys can be my sounding board. I'll jump in and begin studying on what's a basic tie and go with that. I can about guarantee it won't be like anyone else ties so I don't know if it'll have a name. We'll see.

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