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Fly Tying

Fifth Annual Evolution Swap

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Fifth Annual Evolution Swap

The last four annual Evolution swaps have been outstanding successes so I figure I should press my luck and have another. Please read the rules before jumping in:

This swap is sort of like that game where you whisper something in someone's ear and they whisper to the next person and so on and so on and then you compare the beginning idea with the final idea. It works like this: The first tyer invents a fly and posts the recipe (not the fly, just the recipe) here. The second tyer changes one element of the recipe to create a new fly. (For example, he might change the body or the hackle or the wing, or... You get the idea.) Each participant has 48 hours to think about his fly and post his pattern for the next tyer. Each participant then tyes up and sends a dozen of his particular variation to the swapmeister who mounts them in order from first to last so each participant gets an evolutionary series. Sort of like the picture we've all seen of the ape standing next to a slightly more erect hominid and so on, each a little more erect and taller until the last one is a modern human standing in a stream waving a stick.

I welcome international members and will cast the deadline as far as I can- how about July 1? (Although I think we could finish much earlier.) I will take the first eleven who reply with "I'm in."

To summarize: Each tyer (except the first) modifies one element of the recipe sent to him and sends his new recipe (and the fly's name) to the next tyer in the queue. Your modification can be a change in colour, material, or the addition or subtraction of a material. You don't need to preserve the form of the previous pattern- feel free to transform the fly's stage (nymph, larva, pupa, emerger, adult) or even family (Trichoptera, Plecoptera, Ephemeroptera, Diptera,...) To make it more interesting, each tyer will give his creation a name based (however loosely or tangentially) on the previous fly's name.

Additional Notes

Reasonable substitutions are permitted. (For example, if a body of muskrat is called for, any grey dubbing would be fine. A wing of white bucktail could be substituted with calftail, polar bear, rabbit fur,... You get the idea.) Transposition of material from one area of the hook to another is tolerated if kept in moderation. In addition to your one major change you may, if you want, change the hook style and/or the size of the fly by one hook size (ie: #10 to #12 or #8.)

Please post your recipes here and give us the name of your creation when you pass that info on to the next in line.

Note the following DO NOTs:

1) DO NOT toe-tag your flies.

2) DO NOT include a return envelope as I will probably send your swap sets back to you in a small box. I will, however, need your real name and return address. Since I can't predict what the return postage will be you can do one of the following:

Send me a couple of dollars (more-or-less equivalent to what you need to mail your flies.)

Or send me a couple of your hand-tyed flies; Or a couple of hooks, or material, or... whatever you think fair. Or you can wait to receive your swap set and either mail me or PayPal me the postage

I will take the first 11 members with an "I'm in." Your place in the evolutionary series will be determined by your place in the following list:

1 Horseshoes Wet Blue Fox RECEIVED 20/5 EVO SET DELIVERED 15/10

2 cencalfly Foxy Blue Softy EVO SET DELIVERED 22/09

3 Joseph Russell Foxy Blue Predator & Prey RECEIVED 08/07 EVO SET DELIVERED 18/09

4 mybadhabit The Foxy Blue Rat RECEIVED 20/07

5 riffleriversteelheadslayer The Foxy Spruce Rat EVO SET DELIVERED 23/09

6 djtrout Her Majesty's Fox RECEIVED 13/07 EVO SET DELIVERED 17/09

7 Sjo Her Majesty's Top Secret Service RECEIVED 06/07 EVO SET DELIVERED 17/09

8 rockworm Oh Oh Seven-Up

9 fishingbobnelson Oh OMG RECEIVED 01/06 EVO SET DELIVERED 17/09

10 professori Oh My Prince RECEIVED 12/06

11 Henrik Thomsen Crowning the King RECEIVED 29/06 EVO SET DELIVERED 21/09

12 ihang10 Checkmate 2.0 RECEIVED 26/06 EVO SET DELIVERED 17/09

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Wow! That was fast! Welcome back you seven veteran Darwinians. And welcome aboard to ihang10. Please read the rules carefully and if you have any questions- just let us know.

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I'm in, if you will let me. I owe a lot of you an explanation from the last Evo swap. I dropped out of the swap without notice and dropped off this site completely for almost a year. Last spring was perhaps the worst I have ever experienced. My wife underwent serious back surgery, we lost a nephew in a tragic accident and his brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Both young men were close to us and our kids. To cap off the events of our lives, my brother was diagnosed with liver cancer and died in less than 3 weeks. He was my closest friend and had been living in Australia for the past 5-6 years. He went so rapidly, I didn't even have the chance to get down to say farewell. With that final blow, I withdrew from virtually everything, and was not able to even go to work for several weeks. I truly am sorry for letting everyone down, and for not communicating, even to those who reached out to me, but I couldn't handle anything outside of my immediate family.


Life is much better now. My oldest son and his wife are expecting our first grandchild at the end of July. He (my son) has embarked on a new career that is working well for him. My other son and his wife just bought a condo (if you lived in Vancouver, BC you'd know what a huge accomplishment that is) and are taking possession tomorrow. I am embarking on a 16 month paid leave in the next week and spring is in full swing with all the lakes ice-free and the rivers rapidly coming into shape. I had been trying to find my way back to this great site when Bruce contacted me with a notice that this was coming up. That reminder came at the perfect time. Thank you.

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ok ill try this one if there is room


lets see if I get this right in my pea brain


tyer #1 just posts a recipe


tyer #2 uses #1 recipe but makes a change & posts new recipe. ties his/her new recipe


tyer #3 uses # 2 recipe but makes a change & posts new recipe. ties his/her new recipe




did I muck this up?

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Welcome professori and flytire. And yup- you got it right tire- evolution proceeds slowly by tiny steps. (Although I hope the swap will not be as slow as it was last year.)


Now, who wants to begin this year's Evolution swap? The initial fly establishes the basic character of the flies to follow and so should be original and relatively simple. Step right up and begin this year's bloodline.

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