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  1. It is interesting how an innocent post can create such a furor. Yes, the laws are different in Canada. I have no intention of travelling to the States. I hoped to get a few patterns to try..Thanks to all for your advice. Bear Claw
  2. A friend has offered to give me some polar bear fur. suggestions as to what I could tie with this would be greatly appreciated. Bear Claw
  3. great flies. how about a video looking over your shoulder while you make these!!!! bearclaw
  4. I'm in north east Ontario, North Bay area. Where in the lake are they hiding? Spring? summer? Fall? Fly suggestions. Techniques? Just starting out and am frustrated.
  5. Thanks to all who replied. The info is appreciated. Bear claw
  6. My son brought me a canada goose. How do I extract biots and what other feathers would be worth saving.
  7. I have been told that there are freshwater shrimp in a local lake. Orient Lake , north of North Bay Ontario Canada. The lake is also stocked with rainbow trout. I am wondering which species of shrimp is most likely to be the one present, and of course what patterns might be successful. What presentation methods might be used in this small spring fed lake. thanks for your help Bear claw
  8. I was walking a small creek in northern ontario this past august. Rising from a small pond was what seemed to be a small all white mayfly about 1 cm long. Any ideas as to what it is and possible patterns?
  9. When you can't see the fish is there some way to judge when a fly is ineffective and another type of fly should be tried? Or maybe there are just no fish today.
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