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  1. I'm glad you joined in and you can count on me fishing the muddler. I set many of my swap flies aside for fishing. I keep them with the toe tags so I can tell who did what. Just never take pictures. I need to change that. I've had folks send me pictures of fish they caught on my flies and it's very rewarding.
  2. Looks like there may be some hesitation on the Dahlberg diver. How about we revise the challenge fly to a Gartside Bass Gurgler?
  3. Welcome Kim. Thanks for joining. That rounds it out to twelve. We're full.
  4. niveker an Northcaddis you're in. Thank for joining. One spot to go and it's full. Northcaddis was already in. We discussed it via DM. Also, thanks on the feedback on swap participation. As said, just thinking out loud. Just spit balling here.
  5. Thank you you for the compliments. I'm certain it will fish well. It's looks like another take on a wooly bugger. Them hellgrammites are still ugly mean looking bugs.
  6. I was thinking people may be swapped out. Also, people have a lot going on in their lives. It seems to come in waves. I just remember way back when how fast swaps filled up. If you didn't respond within a day there wouldn't be any room left. It wasn't always the same group of tiers also. The pool of tiers wanting to swap was much larger than it is at present. Giving that, the smaller pool of swappers may be leading to swap fatigue. As I stated elsewhere, I don't know. Just thinking out loud. There are two spots left in this swap and it's been less than a week. We'll see if it caps out. Mostly though, I hope that things mellow out in your world. That's quite the litany of happenings. Stay safe and well.
  7. Hellgramite Nymph (variation of a fly by Rich DiStanislao) Hook: Streamer, 6x long, size 6 Thread: Black 6/0 Tail: Black closed-cell foam, cut to shape afterwards Body: 0.02 lead wire, black chenille twisted with peacock krystal flash chenille Legs: Black shlappen Wing case: Black closed-cell foam Front pincers: Continuation of wing case, cut to shape afterwards This fly was easier to tie than I expected. Hopefully it satisfies cphubert's challenge. I think it will fish well. The shlappen should give lots of action as it bounces along the bottom or dead drifts in the water column. The krystal flash will provide glints of sparkle to the fly as well. I'm going to tie a few and try them out this year. Next Challenge is something for the bass fisherman: Any flavor of a Dahlberg Diver.
  8. Didn't mean to rile up the masses. Wasn't thinking of using Facebook as a replacement to the forum. Only as a place to make announcements of what is going on in the forum. And, redirecting those interested to forum posts. Just trying to think of ways to increase participation. We've had swaps that did not fill up and other posts that seem to languish. Maybe people are swapped out. I don't know. Just thinking out loud.
  9. Stellahound and Darrell you're both in. Thanks for joining
  10. Thanks to Woodenlegs for posting a pic of the set.
  11. Welcome Bob and redietz. I was wondering when you were going to show up.
  12. I was going to use black chenille, black schlappen, black foam, and a dark holographic krystal flash. Lots of weight. Trim the top and bottom of the body close and leave the sides full length. Similat to the one in the link https://youtu.be/VeejKV-0eDI
  13. Is there a way we can get the Facebook page going again? Seems like the last post was in 2015. Maybe open it up to other people to post about forum activities. It may be a way to reach out to old time members and newbies. Hopefully grow forum participation. If such is desired.
  14. The Gray Duster, another wingless fly can be found here: https://flyfishingthesierra.com/grayduster.htm. Although it may be to small for a new tier.
  15. I'll do it then. Ugly bugs them hellgrammites. The adults are fearsome looking too. I had a big a.. Dobson fly land on me while fishing the Kings River. Scared the living crap out of me. They are no small critter.
  16. WWKimba gave me this link: Commando Dry Fly | Global FlyFisher . It's a wingless dry.
  17. vicrider, cphubert, Woodenlegs, and Trouttramp you're all in. Thanks for joining.
  18. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/108722-dry-fly-swap/ The link above will take you to the sign-up page for the subject swap. New swappers and/or tiers are encouraged to join. If you need info on what swaps are or how they work please ask. Many beginner to intermediate tying level dry flies out there. Dry flies are great to learn tying with. If you would like some suggestions feel free to ask. I'm sure someone will be pleased to give you ideas and maybe some suggested tying method or instruction. Materials for many patterns are readily available or substituted. Also, there is rarely anything exotic.
  19. Someone mentioned that we need a dry fly swap so here we go. We'll keep it trout centered with any style good. Standard swap rules apply (see pinned post at top); toe tags with tiers forum name and pattern name, please include return postage or funds to cover such. Let's limit it to 12 tiers. That's a total of twelve flies tied and sent in. Respond with "I'm in" to be included in the swap. Due date will be May 1, 2023. If a later date is necessary let me know and we can make adjustments. New swappers and/or tiers are encouraged to join. Many beginner to intermediate tying level dry flies out there. If you need suggestions feel free to ask. I'm sure someone will be pleased to give you ideas and maybe some suggested tying method or instruction. Materials for many patterns are easily substituted and there is rarely anything exotic. Dries are good fly style for new tiers to learn. Also, takes on the swing are great, nymphing can be subtle; however, there's nothing like a top water take. Watching a fish rise and take your offering either in a subtle sip or splashy rise is best. IMHO TIA for joining. Please send to: James Polfer 2829 W. Ashlan Ave, #134 Fresno, CA 93705 1. vicrider: H&L Variant 2. cphubert: TBD 3. Woodenlegs: will have the "Usual." 4. Trouttramp: Parachute PMD 5. fishingbob: TBD 6. redietz: TBD 7. Stellahound01: Stimulator 8. DarrellP: TBD 9. Northcaddis: TBD 10. Chasing_Tails: Hi-Float Caddis, tan 11. niveker: TBD 12. WWKimba: TBD SM: Ausable Wulff
  20. Squeezy: We posted at the same time. If you want it it's yours. As cphubert said, the fly doesn't have to be elaborate. Look at the fly I proposed: https://youtu.be/VeejKV-0eDI
  21. I'll tie it. May take the full five days if I can't find suitable material substitutions. The fly will be after Rich DiStanislao of the Doc Fritchy Chapter of TU
  22. That looks good. I can't tie those wings to save my life. I can tie bronze mallard wing/shell for spey flies but wet fly wings elude me. What type and size of hook did you use?
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