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  1. Kind of a must see for the irreverent type. I posted this after much frustration trying to lash a feather to a hook. Should be simple. A least the youtube videos I've watched and oodles of times I 've done it before would make seem so. The only thing I thought of was this movie scene. To be followed up by the instructions for the use of the holy hand grenade of antioch: https://youtu.be/ashgP4YMdJw
  2. Me too. I almost did a Matuszak Matuka. Still should and put it in the fly of the month. However, have you been to Oakland recently? Heck, the A's are about pick up sticks and head to Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. N
  3. Squeezy has it right. The transient (Oakland, LA, Oakland, Las Vegas) Raiders. The saga of the Raider fly: I tied the black winged fly first. Gave it to someone to drop off to the USPS for me. Seeing that the tracking never showed anything I thought it was lost in the ether. Made the Grizzly winged streamers, reprinted the label and sent them off. The black winged flies made a reappearance so printed a new label for them and sent them off too. Since I had those in hand again I tied a few bluegill flies for the swapmeister and threw them in there. From now on come hell or high water: My apologies to the swapmeister and swappers and thanks for the kind words on the flies.
  4. The USPS says it's in Florida as of 1:30 this morning. USPS Tracking 9400109205568898459376 I put a few Triangle Bugs and a couple soft hackles in there for you. Might be able to use as a Dry-Dropper setup.
  5. John; Can you verify that got the streamer set of flies?
  6. For Pete's sake, can't i tie a fly in peace
  7. wake up almost every day and this how it goes. It's only flesh wound
  8. I keep razor blades at my bench to shred flies. Many many get scrapped clean and hooks reused. Of course the trash looks like I shaved an animal or plucked a bird. JohnW; If possible wait another few days before mailing out the flies. It ends up the first set is on its way. Should see it Wednesday.
  9. USPS is in possession of this batch USPS Tracking 9400109205568877508194. This one was challenging. Getting tented wings ala Glasso with hackle tips was more difficult for me than using bronze mallard. Also with a do over I got about $30 into this one. The steelhead irons are running about $1/each plus shipping. I think they're usable flies though. Thanks for everyone's patience. Swapmeister please keep the spares. Silver & Black Spey Hook: #1 Daiichi 2161 (Heavy Steelhead Iron) Thread: Grey Body: Back half - Bright Silver floss; Front half – Black Ice Dub Rib: Silver Oval Tinsel Hackle: Black Schlappen; Guinea Fowl Wing: 4 Grizzley Hackle Tips tented(ish) Collar: Gadwall or Teal or Mallard flank (I pulled from a mixed bag of feathers) The first batch was this style:
  10. Can you receive DMs

  11. Hey I had a problem with the original set of flies. A replacement set will be delivered to the USPS counter morning of the 25th
  12. Who's the good boi? Looks like you got a good buddy there. So glad he's fine.
  13. For beginners dogs can be complicated. So follow the instructions: Here's my mister smiley Mr. G. My Golden Goofus
  14. You were not skunked. You were given a deep view of the ephemeral beauty so many pass by and/or take for granted. Breath in that fresh clean cool air and renew the spirit. You were not skunked. You were blessed. P.S. Catching fish is cool too
  15. It's all good and thank you so much for the mods. Now that the thread has been nuked let's start A 'new if you will. Let the shavings fly! Candlestick holder design in progress: Oak and Walnut about 13" high
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