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  1. Did I not send you my address?  Here it is if I didn't with my apologies:

    Kim Bowman

    505 Richards Rd.

    Camillus  NY  13031

    Please let me know when they are sent.  Thanks.


  2. After seeing this post I tried Pirateship. All I can say it was easy and convenient. Thanks for posting the reference.
  3. You are seeing that correct. Candle cup holders. https://a.co/d/3dEf3sj Hope the link is ok to post
  4. A couple Almond wood taper candlestick holders. Turned from some firewood. The pics show the before and after of one the holders. I really like the grain patterns on this wood. Never know what you're going to find inside a piece of wood. Finish is wipe on poly.
  5. Get off me gun. My wife's pocket is a Sig P238. Essentially a sub-compact 1911. She wanted something girly
  6. Hi Michael, I've heard of the Monocoat before but never used it. Do you use it on items that will be handled a lot? Never worked with Lilac. Always willing to give it a try if I run across some. I have a tree trimming/removal contractor contact here in town. He's let me know that I can come get whatever I want from his yard. It reduces the material he needs to dispose of. Just got a bunch of silk oak, lace elm, and olive from one of his jobs. Also living here in the central valley there are lots of fruit and nut trees. I've been turning some almond wood. Another very hard wood but fantastic grain patterns It looks almost like marble.
  7. Here's my first attempt using medium red Golden Retriever, Natural Fisherman's wool, pink wool, and red wool. I have some creamsicle rabbit i was thinking of adding but did not. Thinking this came out good. I used Soft-Hackle's recipe from Global Flyfisher, a recipe from Main flyfisher, and Flytire's pic above. In your opinion's do you think it should be more pink/orange?
  8. The goat part might be actually easy. Other parts not so much maybe. The Spaniel is ok but my median red Golden Retriever just got the best home brushing ever. Meet Mr. G my best bud and dubbing material machine. I'm researching and reading everything I can about this magical dubbing. My Golden boy comes and tries to steal a patch of hair off my desk. He's a counter surfing crimanimal looking for me to chase him. He liked the brushing. Such a happy good doggo.
  9. Hi Steve, I would recommend a couple good manuals. They give instruction, insight, and recipes for different loads. There is a lot of info online put-out by bullet and powder manufacturers. Hodgdon has a good online reloading data set. https://www.hodgdonreloading.com/. As does Hornady. I use a lot of Hornady bullets and cases. https://www.hornady.com/support/load-data/. Below is a pic of some 308 loads I did using Hornady ELD-M bullets and Hornady Match cases. I tailored these for a specific rifle (easily sub MOA). That's another good thing about reloading, you can tailor a load for a particular gun. It gets the best precision out of you gun. Speer also has a good site. Not as handy for me as Hodgdon but still good. https://www.speer.com/reloading/. There are many more. Attached below is a screenshot of the different manuals I've downloaded. They're handy when trying to find a good recipe. Caution on internet videos and such. Your friend and the manuals are your best resource IMHO. Videos from reputable manufactures or dealers like Midway are good. Otherwise I wouldn't count on them to much.
  10. Hi Michael; Thanks for the comment. The colors are what I like about the wood. Except for the part near the clip the top pen is also Manzanita. Blank is from heartwood while the rest are from sap. It's hard to imagine that such a small limb could have heartwood. I don't know if you ever worked with Manzanita but for me it seems fairly hard. It can be brittle too. I've got some more that I stabilized with Cactus Juice. We'll see how that comes out. I'm trying out different finishes at present. These were finished using only boiled linseed oil. I did some with CA that came out ok but feel plasitc. These have a more natural feel to them. I'm going to try some with lacquer. I think it will stand up to use more than shellac. Jim
  11. 7 posts, I'll pass on the critique. What do you want from life: Rubber Biscuits? Feels unsatisfied that it wasn't spoon fed fly mag tripe.
  12. It's probably been said before but the pics are absolute tops. The tie is darn good too OK, sh_t howdy. Sweeeeeet tie
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