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  1. Great looking stone pattern Good job thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
  2. Great looking spinner fy mtn kee um coming Tight Lines Mike
  3. Great looking flies good job keep um coming :headbang: Tight Lines Mike
  4. Great looking fly Fred good coulors hows the weather down there Its -20 here on Manitoulin Island have fun Tight lines Mike
  5. great looking flies TL Mike
  6. Very Nice tie Mark keep um coming Tight Lines Mike
  7. picketpin


    Great looking fly MTN Tight Lines Mike aka Mike-56 on G/A
  8. Great looking fly thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
  9. picketpin

    Still Alive

    Glad to hear that your on the mend WILL DONT over do it SLOW SLOW MAKE NICE all the best Tight Lines Mike
  10. Man what a great idea Alex thanks for sharing that one :headbang: Tight Lines Mike
  11. Mustad 94840 lots cheaper than most of the other brands an they work great Thigt Lines Mike
  12. Chestnutt would look good or antique gold woud look good also Tight Lines Mike
  13. VERY NICE fly Pallagust beautiful colors Tight Lines Mike
  14. Another great looking fly Davy Tight Lines Mike
  15. Great looking fly Fishigan good colors tight lines Mike
  16. picketpin


    Great looking spey Davy Keep um coming Tight Lines Mike
  17. WE got 19 inches of snow here on manitoulin ontario today its is sunny and -14 CEL still no ice on the bigger waters and 1to 2 inches on some ponds and steams Tight Lines Mike
  18. picketpin


    Great looking buzzer MTN good to see your your flies on this side of the pond Tight Limes Mike AKA mike-56 on G/A!!
  19. Great looking pattern that will catch fish in any body of water good job Tight lines Mike
  20. Great looking portable tying station very nice with all types of wood that you use Good job :yahoo: Tight Lines Mike
  21. picketpin

    Desk pads

    Great tip thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
  22. Great looking flies tight lines Mike
  23. Good looking fly Ghris Tight Lines Mike
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