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    Home finally

    Welcome home! Enjoy your time home. As a fellow service member with a wife three kids and 2 grandkids. Myself (NAVY), currently deployed overseas. I fully understand and feel your happiness. To me out of allthe times i have been deployed over the last 19 years the best feeling in the world is your kid or kids running up and latching on with a death grip, with pure joy and love in there hugs. I myself will be home in the next 2 weeks, give or take a few days either way. Be good and enjoy, get some fishing in soon as well. Good times. and tight lines! Sharpster68
  2. Been here in Japan, Iwakuni area, for about 3 months have found a few streams to fish, and have had moderate luck. But still fun. One thing i found out though is that you can be fishing one part of a stream that you have paid your licensing fees to a private organization, but then if you move too far up or down you may end up having to pay license fees to a totally new one. All in all allot of fun though. Any onelse ever fish in Japan?
  3. I apologize for not getting mine in i got snagged up to go away with my command for 2 weeks again and just got back today. was away from comunication via either phone and computer it was a hectic 2 weeks. Again i apologize for not getting my flies in for the swap, as i really love doing these swaps and getting the flies to display at my desk to encourage me to tie beter and better flies. Just been so hectic with my schedule being in and out unexpectedly and working real odd hours from day to day.
  4. Is it too late to get mine in i havent had a chance to get them done yet i have been away from my gear for about 3 weeks or so with the Navy. if not ill try and get them tied this weekend and send them off.
  5. Im in sounds great havent tied since i got back from deployment but will help me get back to it and maybe make time to actually fish since trout season just started here in northern WA
  6. I got my fly's Sat 10 Dec. Really nice looking fly's more to add to my displays so i can have an on hand visual aid on what different flys should look like. mine was the Royal Wulffe. If the hook is too big sorry most of my money went into xmas this year and I didn't want to tie on inferior hook i like using tiemco hooks only. for fishable fly's. yall have a good one wont be back on here till march Im being deployed to Iraq this week or next with US Navy. yall have agood one and be safe.
  7. Got most of mine done. Been a busy month for me not awhole lot of spare time. I should be done with min by this weekend and get them mailed by mid next week.
  8. The only tool i use that doesn't work as well as i would like is my dubbing rake. My whipfinisher is a dream hated it at first rear with no one to teach me how to use it and the lack of decent diagrams/ instructions that i found at the time. using my fingers to finish a fly i'm lost half the time i do it wrong with my fingers. Personally i use a bobbin threader.
  9. After seeing your dragon fly and looking at mine again i think i might just sell all my fly tying gear and pick up a new hobby doubt if i could ever top that :j_k: but really its seeing ultimate realism like yours that really sets the high quality goal to strive for. Makes me want to cry wishing i could do that well. Awesome tie on all of them.
  10. Mine are: Yingwe Malmsteen Joe Satriani
  11. Its not quite done just yet. i still have to put some sort of clear coating on the outside of it, then do final paint and touch up. Hopefully that should hide the thread. In that pic the thorax still needs paint. still a bit more work to do on it i think till i will be satisfied that it is done. Sorry for the picture i have an old digital camera that is like .5 megapixel. Been trying to convince the wife that we need to get a better one.
  12. This is my first attempt at a realistic fly. Chose a dragon fly thought it would be easier for a first attempt. Take a look at it any suggestions would be appreciated. Its not finished but heres a short run down on how i got it to this point. Body is regular white craft foam from WalMart, legs are 25 lb mono with small electrical wire heat shrink to make the upper segment of the leg bigger. wings were made from overhead projection film printed on a color bubble jet printer then clear coated with satin acrylic enamel from a spray can cause in smuged, eyes were made from mono weed eater string. the thorax was put together with 5 diferent small strips of craft foam, and used Sharpie markers for coloring so far. I've looked everywhere for the pantone pens and for duralar and cant find either. ive tried all the major stores in a 50 mile radius here where i live near Oak Harbor Wa.
  13. uh ohh someones been naughty not sure who yet though
  14. ? was it a joke i pmd OLB and it didnt do it to me
  15. i think they will work I tie something very similsr using the big pieces of yarn that spin fisherman use to tie off to their line for samon.
  16. Heres an idea for the chennile. Take a piece of wood cut to size of yuor chice get some 35 mm film containers drill a hole in the gray lid just about the size of the chennile you plan to put inside it screw the bottom of the container to the board fill the container with the chennile and pull just a bit through the lid, make sure the hole you drill is of a size that puts just a little tension on the chennile. When done pull the amount of chennile that you need out snip it off about a half inch from the lid and bang you have what you want plus the next time you need some theres just enough sticking out that you can see what size and color it is and will be able to grab it again and pull and cut what you need again. It could be monted on the wall right in front of youor where ever you like.
  17. Good luck and Gods speed hope you got out of there. My prayers are with you and hope all turns out as best that it can being from texas and having experienced a couple of hurricanes from land they are terrible things, and having experienced 2 hurricanes and weathering a typhoon from inside an aircraft carrier as i am in the US Navy wasnt much fun there either. Went through a bad one on the ship once that bent the nose of the ship up 6 inches to a piece fo steel with 18 - 36 in chthick hull and a flight deck on top that is 12 inch thick steel and took 2 years to fix in dry docks they ter things up pretty good. Again hope all goes as well as possible for you and anyone of our other brother or sister tyers out there.
  18. I got mine yesterday and i was iimpressed with the quality of flies. makes the one i tied look like something a third grader tied. i got to practice more to get the skills up to par with the ones you guys tied. Im going to use theseas a visual for tying. I may even frame them as a keepsake from my first swap on the site. Any criticism on the one I tied would be welcome. THANK YOU.
  20. Put me down for 1 gray small/medium i wear a 7 1/4 hat normally if small/medium fits my head ok if not a large then.
  21. Nice tie! I agree darken the belly just a bit.
  22. Nice tie! Havent seen worms of that sort before.
  23. 2.55 to 2.70 US here in Oak Harbor WA. get off of Whidbey Island where O. H. is located and gas drops about 5 to 10 cents.
  24. WOW!!!! That thing is going to look wicked cool when finished. Its not even done yet and I am amazed. Cant wait to see more and the end product. Great job so far!!!
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