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  1. It's been a while since I tied one Bob Nelson, but, is an 1/8 of an ounce of lead wire good for an Adams Parachute or should I go more?
  2. Sure But remind me on facebook about two weeks out. Please.
  3. If I tie one more box of flies "I got to have these" flies or another package of weights, I will need a Sherpa, not a pack or vest.
  4. I have a Celestron 1250mm. I have a Celestron tripod. I don't have a motor drive. I use it for a telephoto lens. I also have a right angle and a porro prism. I made my own solar filter. Bought the mylar material from a photo supply online. Look at the filter. Any scrapes or scratches? They do not degrade. They can be damaged physically, but good quality ones are hard to damage. The photos look like it is great shape. Last eclipse
  5. Bob I would imagine Vicrider’s will probably beat mine because our post office doesn’t like your California types
  6. Hey apologies for my lateness. Mine will be in Bob's hands by Monday according to tracking. Hopefully the post office still does that rain, sleet, snow stuff.
  7. As a child I pulled eight feathers off the last Dodo bird in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. I guess now is a good time to sell them. Opening bid will be a soul..............
  8. Mine to go out Monday morning. Sorry for the delay.
  9. Ahhhhhh. The two happiest days. the day you buy a boat and the day you sell the boat. Just sold my Sea Ray Weekender yesterday. Hope your fishing is good.
  10. Randall God be with you and may he guide you in your change. Your rest is deserved. What SC town are you moving to sounds like Wallawalla area. Look forward to you being back. Hope your daughter is well. Prayers
  11. I often experience the grief and loss of an errant fly venturing into a scraggly limb out stretched over a pool or that sanctimonious rhododendron infringing on my back cast zone. So I like to keep it non-personal. I do not name my flies. When I create them, I don't want to think about their tortured futures, hook shanks stretched and broken, hackle gnarly and even, God forbid lost like Jonah in the belly of a fish. (OK Jonah was in the belly of a marine mammal) I don't want to get too attached and sentimental with my flies should I lose them.
  12. Thanks for posting the photos. I used my fly this weekend in the North Toe River with two split shot as the bottom of two flies. Caddis are a big deal in a lot of NC streams.
  13. So Lee are you selling flies on the swap page by posting a weird story? In this day on internet scams and such it strikes me odd. New member first post is a fly "giveaway" or what? https://www.featherandfly.net/shop/
  14. Bob thank you for hosting. Great flies. Mine came last week, but I wasn't here Bob. Thank you for hosting and your friendship. Great flies everyone!
  15. In mail. Por favor ora por mis moscas Ellos están en camino a California. Ordene tacos y enchiladas directamente de Fishing Bob Nelson.
  16. Vicrider I guess I could braid and crochet bubble wrap and chartreuse floss together but I use Pearl Core Braid Olive by Hareline
  17. Tying a caddis worm. Need to do three more and they will hit the mail.
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