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  1. As a child I pulled eight feathers off the last Dodo bird in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. I guess now is a good time to sell them. Opening bid will be a soul..............
  2. Mine to go out Monday morning. Sorry for the delay.
  3. Ahhhhhh. The two happiest days. the day you buy a boat and the day you sell the boat. Just sold my Sea Ray Weekender yesterday. Hope your fishing is good.
  4. Randall God be with you and may he guide you in your change. Your rest is deserved. What SC town are you moving to sounds like Wallawalla area. Look forward to you being back. Hope your daughter is well. Prayers
  5. I often experience the grief and loss of an errant fly venturing into a scraggly limb out stretched over a pool or that sanctimonious rhododendron infringing on my back cast zone. So I like to keep it non-personal. I do not name my flies. When I create them, I don't want to think about their tortured futures, hook shanks stretched and broken, hackle gnarly and even, God forbid lost like Jonah in the belly of a fish. (OK Jonah was in the belly of a marine mammal) I don't want to get too attached and sentimental with my flies should I lose them.
  6. Thanks for posting the photos. I used my fly this weekend in the North Toe River with two split shot as the bottom of two flies. Caddis are a big deal in a lot of NC streams.
  7. So Lee are you selling flies on the swap page by posting a weird story? In this day on internet scams and such it strikes me odd. New member first post is a fly "giveaway" or what? https://www.featherandfly.net/shop/
  8. Bob thank you for hosting. Great flies. Mine came last week, but I wasn't here Bob. Thank you for hosting and your friendship. Great flies everyone!
  9. In mail. Por favor ora por mis moscas Ellos están en camino a California. Ordene tacos y enchiladas directamente de Fishing Bob Nelson.
  10. Vicrider I guess I could braid and crochet bubble wrap and chartreuse floss together but I use Pearl Core Braid Olive by Hareline
  11. Tying a caddis worm. Need to do three more and they will hit the mail.
  12. The best new book on tying these "new" style flies is the Professional Fly Tying, Spinning and Tackle making Manual and manufactures Guide by George Leonard Herter. The called the ones hook up Mississippi Bugs. I several different variations he uses marabou, yarn, fur or bucktail. If you can get one on eBay, it is a great idea infuser.
  13. You Yankees may not understand, but it isn't your fault. Down south we talk about pecans and pecans. "Peecans" are a cheap nut that sells in lower grocery stores like Walmart for about two dollars a pound. "PaCons" are an expensive gourmet nut sold in Publics , Whole Foods or a specialty shop for 11.99 a pound. If you fashion mop flies, you are a tier. It you craft split wood duck winged light Cahills or full dress salmon wet flies, you are a tyer. Capeesh or capiche or capisce? Argot is to keep the baitfishers at bay.
  14. Buy sculpin heads made by by Flymen. Use rabbit or squirrel strips. Use fur in a dubbing loop to make body.
  15. I swear to Mikechell everything tastes like chicken. BTW your recipe for Spotted Owl was great. Hey that is a cool fish. In Lake Wylie where I live there are many posters that show Bowfin and Snakeheads. Afraid to ask the cost. Your wife thinks under ten dollars like Fly fishing equipment right?
  16. Catgut was usually lamb or pig intestines. I have my Grandfather's leader holder. It was a metal container that you would keep your leaders in with wet newspaper. OK everyone that is looking for cheap catgut close to home without paying expensive shipping etc, send me a fly and I will give you my source. Ready? Lambskin condoms. They can be rinsed, then dried, cut to shape (triangles for tapered bodies or straight lines for segmented no taper) and colored with markers. Just remember, if you are fishing in strange lands, naturals only stop pregnancy. You're welcome.
  17. You know most of the float of a dry fly is the hackle not breaking the surface tension of the water, right? The better the hackle, the easier a fly floats. That is why the standard for judging a well tied standard dry pattern is that the tail and the hackle support the fly off the surface. The hook doesn't touch the surface. In rough water dry flies are tied with more hackle, not dubbing.
  18. Small dry flies? Two words, Davidson River. In North Carolina there is a trout hatchery about Brevard on the Davidson. I routinely fish 26 and 28 sized dry flies. There are many trout over 20 inches cruising the clear water. These fish have seen every fly. You need a thin leader, a picture perfect drift, very small flies and God throwing you a solid to catch one. I have spent winged black and white tricos and and Catskill style BWO and Cahills in 28. To be successful, a small fly needs to be honest in following hackle sized proportions. I've seen tiers say they have a #28, but the hackle is a size 18. If you have trouble seeing a small fly, tie the wing out of poly egg material (it is very fine) in chartreuse or bright pink.
  19. My parents were chain smokers. COPD, heart issues, blood pressure, etc. Smoking always disgusted me. I used to get in fist fights over my not wanting to try a puff when I was a kid. I never tried a cigarette. Sadly, I am seeing cardiac and lung problems in all of my friends who do smoke. The story never ends well. Glad you quit.
  20. Amazon is a large employer of quality full time jobs in North Carolina. Walmart suck weasel turds off the side of the road. One Charlotte store Jesse Brown's is horrendously poor. I stopped shopping there due to high prices and rudeness ten years ago.
  21. Nope . Not on bench..... I was lamenting that because of work I could not commit to the crab swap. Hench posting here.
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