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  1. I was checkin out the avatar picts as well, and the purdy blue eyes seem to match, but I wont swear on it. Dustin
  2. Billy, Ill let it slide this time bro, but for future reference, your supposed to tie all the same pattern of flies, like if you do a bugger you tie all buggers :hyst: But thats cool, I cant wait to get em they look pretty good!!! Dustin
  3. I feel your pain bro!!! Dustin
  4. We dont have steelies Dustin
  5. Ya cant forget about this guy!!!
  6. Man thats wrong Steve, just wrong, I was trying to be nice to ya and you should have just left that in the photoshop war on TFF, your an ass and you will pay Dustin
  7. The hackel is much better, that tail on the bottom one where ya didnt have any marabou, is off, but is perfect for a dry, especially the way its splayed!!! keep em comin!!! Dustin.
  8. See my problem is I wont get my liscense back for a while, so I cant get out much, if I cant walk or get a ride where I go, then I dont go. When I get my liscence back its on though!!!! Thanks for all the great info, I appreciate it. Dustin
  9. Hell I just may have to take a road trip to do some tying, I can bring a few hot women, if you got the beer :headbang: Dustin
  10. This is the kind of weather we have been having, it has killed my fishing, and power as well, had to fire up the generator twice already, and its only gonna get worse. Dustin
  11. Here is what I tied up for this swap Dustin
  12. I lived with my sister and her husband for a while, and she done those tastefully simple and pamperd chef parties, I made sure I attended each one that she had at her house, and scored all kinds of good grubb and some of her hot friends as well, I love those things :headbang: Dustin
  13. fly time

    Bird Soup?

    What are you tryin to say about the Easter Bunny The Easter Bunny is real my friend I have seen him!! Dustin
  14. fly time

    Bird Soup?

    Im not sure, but ya gave your boy the right response Dustin
  15. I have only tied with one other person my whole life, and that is outta 14 years of tying, and that was with Steve on the PM trip last year. I would love to find some folks in my area to tie with, because there is so much to be learned by tying with others. Dustin
  16. Looks like all of you are doing well, and some of you are already finished :headbang: :yahoo: Im excited to see what all comes out of this swap. Addie, Thanks for the extra, its greatly appreciated!! Megan P. A wooly bugger is a pretty simple pattern to tie, and there are some great step by step tutorials on the site to help out. Thanks again to all of the participants in this swap!!! Dustin
  17. Hell Ill give ya a big roll of balogna for it!!! Nice tie Daryn!!! Dustin
  18. Little ladey, you speak of embarressing picts, huh you have obviously never seen steeldrifters work in photoshop, so go ahead and take your best shot, I can promise it will not compare to the humility that alot of us on here have experienced, I can tell ya this first hand As for me, I worry about no woman, cause a country boy can survive Dustin
  19. Thats great, I cant wait to see em!!!!! I hope all of you enjoy tying these flies, and I know you will enjoy getting all of the other flies back in the mail!!! :yahoo: Dustin
  20. How is everyone coming along with thier flies? Dustin
  21. That should put a hurtin on the trout, your on a roll, and I must say I really admire your work!!!!! keep em comin!! Dustin
  22. Harold, I try to avoid lead as much as I can. And if I use eves to weight my flies, I just use bead chain, it will sink the fly fast, and you get lotsa eyes for cheap, just go to Wally World or your local hardware store and pick up a section in the desired size and start cuttin it. Dustin.
  23. Very nice work Daryn, when the trout are hitting those shedding stones, that fly will work wonders!!!!! Very nice tie. Dustin
  24. OK guys, heres the situanation at hand, Yep Im gonna be a daddy, I know scary. And she was infilitrated. And when you have the snipers take that shot, make sure they get a good clean head shot on her Dustin
  25. Great work Steelie, that thing will kill the largemouth around my parts!!!! Dustin
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