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  1. I gotcha, thanks @Sandan.
  2. @SandanI have not heard anyone talk about cleaning it other than skinning out the bone and trimming all the fat away.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. I am not much of a cheap skate..maybe on some things, but to each his own I guess. With all of that said, these boxes are really expensive. I am gonna take a look at them tomorrow in person and make a decision, my shop carries them. I have every kind of box you could think of laying around here and could make one of them work if I wanted to, so i may go that route.
  4. Hello all, I am still new to the fly fishing world and a friend of mine is breaking into the saltwater fly fishing scene and taking me with him, well I really want to go. I tried my luck at tying Lefty's Deceiver the other night and it turned out ok, I'll improve as I do more of them. I started thinking about how to store these salt water flies and what to do with them once I had them tied, they are a bit bigger than the trout stuff, a lot bigger. I did some research and I kept coming back to the Plan D boxes, anyone use them? I do not have any articulated fly's right now, however that may change, but I see no reason why the Pocket Max Articulated Plus can't be a great option for the Deceivers, Surf Candy, etc. The only negative I see now is the cost, but what doesn't cost, and you pay fro what you get. I also wonder why the same box wouldn't work well for Bass and Muskee, those flies are bigger as well. Anyway, thanks in advance.
  5. Looks good! I need to figure out how to create a permanent space. Small house and we are at capacity but I do have an idea on something. If it comes to life I will post.
  6. @utyerThanks. I was wondering what you needed to do to the feathers, and that sounds pretty simple.
  7. Thanks a bunch everyone for the replies.
  8. Thanks. I have seen that book elsewhere, looks like I need to pick it up now and add to my collection.
  9. Good to know, I may look into doing that as well. Thanks.
  10. I prepped the first Buck Tail today, it only took about 10 minutes and it's crazy easy. I hunt and I am surrounded by Hunters so I can get as many as I want. I am happy how this one turned out for now, in a few weeks we will see if it all worked out right. My buddies dad raises Pheasants and Quail so a supply of Pheasant Tail Feathers is going to be helpful too. Is there any prep we do to those or are they good just as they are? Also, do we use duck feathers? Here is a picture of the Buck Tail drying.
  11. Thanks! Very interesting and I think right on topic. Thanks! Yes they were, I wish I had of been around for that estate auction, although I am sure there are a fly or a tool here and there with his family. Years ago when I tried to pick up fly fishing I always enjoyed reading his books. Anyway, fast forward to today his daughter and granddaughter have personal items they are parting with, not many things, but a few of his things here and there. What research I can do I did (which isn't a ton) and I felt secure in my purchase. The story checked out and I am ok with it. With all of that said, for a long time I made my living arresting people that loved to lie to me about everything. They would stare you right in the face and tell you a bold face lie about everything from larceny to murder, many times they began to believe their own lie. I do encourage you to check out the FB pages though, some of the pictures that his daughter/granddaughter have posted are pretty cool. Good stuff my friend! I am on the other end of things I guess. I like history and enjoy collecting things from the past. Not everything, but a few things I have grown to like in my 50 years. Looks like the buck tails are used in some small mouth flies I want to tie and definitely for the salt, glad I have an endless supply of them. I did my first one today, extremely easy and should be good to go in a few weeks.
  12. @WWKimbayou are a continued source of information for me and I appreciate it. So many things to look at and to tie but I don’t feel overwhelmed, i’ll just pick one and go at it. On another topic while we are talking about Lefty, I am enjoying reading some of his books. I picked up the 25 book little library and can’t get enough of it. I did something last night that really made no sense, but I did it anyway. I am sure most of you know that Lefty’s granddaughter is selling some of his fly’s, tool’s, etc. through Facebook and Etsy. I bought a deceivers last night that Lefty tied. Of course I have no way of actually 100% confirming this, but some of the people who have made purchases from her I truly trust and feel like it is legit. I am excited about having a piece of history in my little tying area, even if it is just a fly. It made me think, does anyone collect flies that the well known people in the industry have tied? Seems like a fun cool way to pay tribute to the men and woman that have paved the way. Anyway, thank again for the help, I really appreciate it.
  13. Welcome back. I am new so our paths probably haven’t crossed, happy that they are now. Glad you kicked the C’s backside!
  14. Welcome to the site, I think you will like it here.
  15. @Ephemerella, @WWKimba, Thanks for the responses. I went and looked at some flies on YouTube, especially Lefty’s Deceiver and that one absolutely uses deer hair. I have learned about dying the hair as well, this guy can get me a bunch of it if I am interested. If I get off of work tomorrow, may be told I’m staying for another 24 hours, I am going to trim the tail out, pin it to a board, and then Borax it for a couple weeks. This will be my first one but doesn’t seem to look to hard. Kind of cool to use the deer tail too and it not going to waste. Thanks again for the help.
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