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  1. finished grey fox and now going quill gordons
  2. round gobies (fingerlake ones) are mottled brown
  3. 2/3 tan 1/3 yellow mixed for buff
  4. My trolling/floating rig. Nucanoe 12ft. with 30 lbs motor rope steering. with home made fly rod holders on each side for trolling. all fits inside the van.
  5. finger lakes have smelt and alewives as the main bait fish.
  6. Back when the salmon were legal to snag in NY we used mono on fly reels to fish wets and eggs. tossed them out and let the current take it down stream, like fishing center pin. for trolling a piece of lead core and flat mono running (shooting) line was used for years. It's how it was done back then. I troll the finger lakes with an elec. motor on my NuCanoe. padding you can't go fast enough for them. a trolling speed of 2 to 3 mph is needed constantly
  7. Mike, I flipped my NuCanoe (dealer) and lost 2500.00 worth of gear
  8. Gaines poppers oldest makers of poppers. right down the road from me. gainesflyfishing.com
  9. sometimes being a dealer has its advantages. lasher is what I call a type of eyelash yarn. as for the craft fur it has a lot of flash in it and some goes longer than 4" most craft fur is sewn in.
  10. swamp fly You need to come back, I live above the canyon (look into everyday ) have a small shop here. Largest brown taken on upper pine 32" 14 lb. see and hook a lot over 24" up here. Water is cooler here than down at slate in summer. Best time to fish here is mid may to 1st of june. every hatch of drakes along with Mb's going on at once
  11. I melt a hole in the center just large enough to go past the hook point.
  12. here's 2 he other way. that's a 10x 5" long large eye squid hook. the silver head is a bubble head from Orvis back in 1014 for offshore I adapted to the musky flies. they go down quick. and the last fly is a walk the dog style I came up with.
  13. this has the cup facing forward. not much difference in them unless you are fishing in the surface then this one pushes more water.
  14. day after the jam let loose road across the street. there was 3 feet of ice still under where we walked. 4 cabins down in there. elec. company had to get in to fix broken wires for people who live in canyon.
  15. recent thaw and ice jam on pine creek, its a 1/4 mile from my place and ended up 3 feet from house. chickens had ove 3 feet of water in coop
  16. Ok on the disks orange juice carton tops. or any carton that has the pop top, cut the ring off and you have a great disk. I am now painting them too. and you can add a few holes in them so when you pull the fly under you get a slight bubble stream
  17. sandflyx

    Big stuff

    take some heavy thread "E" or "A" and coat with thinned goop (vinyl cement) will make great antennae.
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