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  1. have you ever fished for them in the northeast ? They are crazy up here.
  2. also a good imitation of a bally-hoo. a musky fly
  3. size 12 hendrickson emergers using wooly mammoth dubbing in raw meat and rotting flesh colors.
  4. when tying drys no coating will float easy, coating with uv will sink the material
  5. I will stick with my non-quill material, it floats, takes a marker and is super strong. 1/16 in width and any color I wish to dye it.
  6. Um, that doesn't sound right. ;-) I'm not working on much right now. Tying desk looks like a tornado went through it, so that should get cleaned up before anything else happens. By the way, anyone heard of or used Moonlit hooks? I stumbled across them this morning and thinking of ordering a few packs to try out. sounds cheesy to me---lol
  7. philly yes I do blend in flash. Norm my whole house is like this lots of tying stuff. lol. I have wooly mammoth hair in dubbing
  8. shrimp flies, using old (swannundaze) and new (congo hair / anglina) materials
  9. blending and working with congo hair
  10. I use them below my small swivels when trolling flies or using wets (#10-4) on lakes. Dave G. not the same thing
  11. I'm just a backyard builder too. used to own a custom car shop and did some frabrication. now I weld my mower deck is about the largest I do
  12. we banded buggers---olive, brown, black. All with 3 materials bead, tail and ftd dubbing= banded buggers
  13. the stink is from fat going rancid, washing in dawn and air drying for a week should do it
  14. very old insects and brook trout eggs I did in the 70's hendricksons, trico's, October caddis, perla stone
  15. test tube plastic and a needle. this one is 30 years old
  16. scrape yards are great for finding what you need and are cheap
  17. would never mount a vise to a stand. big no-no in the metal working shops
  18. it was trade marked in 78 but was sold on the local market for years before. Ernest Schreibert tied with in the 70's (who I learned it from). I have every color and size in a collection. plus around 1000+ for sale. I use it still on a lot of patterns. nymphs, streamers, wets, etc.
  19. still do Norm, if anyone is interested can contact me here, [email protected] $2.25 a pack
  20. elephant body hair ! off of a live one
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