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  1. cap't I never needed to capon my birds, I don't breed close at all, I get nice webby feathers.
  2. and crossing those 2 breeds you may get one of these a cree, along with other mutants
  3. 12x long land lock salmon fly (for trolling)
  4. I had a small flock from harry years ago. wish I still had them. this was in the 70's too
  5. the perfection knot is the same knot used on snelled hook manufacturers. (eagle claw) for bait fishing, its held up for years. I wouldn't use it for big fish or salt but for trout, bass, etc. its fine. I like the triple surgeons loop knot for my bigger fish. you just adjust the size before tightening it
  6. check out my site its in my signature
  7. 20 crawdads ready, still have to do dark brown and black
  8. as a dealer had it made. even found a way to dye it.
  9. 4" + long with flash-a-bou right in it !
  10. Hellgrammites 2 dozen sz. 6,and 4's
  11. I carry 4" and longer craft fur
  12. Lineman I lived next door to H.J.Noll. Guy was a grumpy guy for sure, had 8 women tying flies in the building. I still have a kit untouched since 1967 and lots of his books/directions. he made the flies for the fliers in the pacific during WWII for the survival kits. after his passing his brother took over and moved the company away. (let it go after a few years) I bought the original building and used it as a custom car shop for years. tying for 50 years now !!! that's half a century....
  13. It was built by redington some years past, ted Jurascik designed it for big tarpon in the mangroves. its a cannon.
  14. the muskrat 12" long, hooks are 10/0 5" long squid hooks. big perch has 2- 8/0 hooks
  15. just a few of mine, I use a 7 1/2 foot 10 wt. to cast the big boys !
  16. bend backs work great for pickerel and small pike in the weeds. I use them for bass too.
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