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  1. Hey greg , I to am blessed with the clear freestones of upstate New York , I'm always on the Beaverkill as long as the levels and temps are good , my other spot is on the west branch of Delaware which I fish year round , if there's a clear enough place on shore through the ice I'll have my Gortex waders on and I'm casting. Maybe we'll cross paths someday
  2. Been trying to contact regional as well , hmm seeing you've gone through this as well is sad , I guess they feel they don't need anything ? Or just boost social media with positive pictures and experiences ? That's kind of a let down , could you imagine if everyone of us here tied up a box for them ? Could be a lot of flies , oh well I'll keep ears open
  3. Hey guys , I'm a vet, and I know there's many more here , recently I have tried to contact this group but no response , I follow their outings and I know they actually do marathon fly tying weekends to make boxes of flys up for vets in the program , I was wondering if anybody here is involved ? I tie so many flies I figured I'd make a few boxes up and donate to this great cause , just can't get a response from anybody there , any input is appreciated , maybe it's the links I'm using or I'm just not contacting the proper people? Just trying to do a good thing
  4. Haven't met ,however happy to here things looking up for you ,the " River" and the " Vice " are fantastic therapy, positive thoughts and prayers you're way buddy. You've had a tough run , now enjoy some time for you're passion .
  5. Very kind of you , great gesture
  6. They do work nice, however I can't honestly see a difference from the inexpensive ones that I usually loose lol , but hey I'll be happy to have them , price was right and I'll support the Loon company just based off their nice service
  7. I'm sure you're right poop , but the fact that they dropped a new tool in the mail for me no questions goes far in my book
  8. Hey welcome , great site great guys here very knowledgeable, if you're just starting to tie ,the addiction begins lol enjoy
  9. Many times nowadays we here about only bad experiences with company's , I'd like to share a good experience I had this week .. Several months ago I was casting away in clear water , I looked down and laying on the rocks in the water I seen somthing ? It wasn't a nymph lol , it was a high dollar set of nippers , I figured they fell off somebody's vest and were lost by someone .. I picked them up of course , thought wow poor guy must be pissed after losing these , they are the expensive ones , I clipped to my pack and thought hmm I guess I'll try them , I wasn't impressed , they seemed very dull cutting tippit and leaders ? , went back to my $6:00 cheap ones , because I loose them to lol . That night got home cleaned gear and looked at these nippers again , then went to company's web site , wow almost $40.00 , and I thought they cut for crap ! , so I called company , I explained exactly what I just typed here , they asked me to text a picture ...I did it , they sent me an e- mail saying new " Nip-and sips " are on the way , wow !! I called them , asked if I should send originals back. Nope just hope you're happy with new ones , This kind of made me feel good towards this company. "" Loon " Three days later a box arrived with new nippers , some stickers and a nice laynyard I guess I'll support this company Loon sticks behind their products
  10. Yes.. this is an obsession, addiction lol. Hello my name is David , I'm addicted to buying fly tying materials and tools lol Love my regal vice, my Rite bobbins 7-8 ? I tend to use Dr Slick tools , although I did order a Larger whipfinisher this week from orvis I needed it to finish tying off Klinkhammers , I use a whipfinisher ,I don't finish off by hand ..lol shame on me Other then that my materials are always growing as well as my hooks , ugh , lol I'm not in this on a budget or to save money , it's what I'm into , it's great therapy for me , I just wish I could have more time to do it lol , I do have time honestly I'm retired , but I do things around house lol I guess to each his own , tools last a long time ,if the proper tool helps you enjoy you're passion I say go for it ! I think back to the earlier days when some of the legendary Tiers are featured in articles or books , showing them tying without a vice , either holding in one hand or using a clothespin , I've seen photos where some held the thread in hand and created some of the most beautiful historical flys we admire to this day .. but Hey it's 2017 , I like Air conditioning , heat and hot water ... I enjoy an ice cold craft beer , or a large glass of port while I'm at the bench. , I'm grateful I'm able to have these great items .... " keep on tying
  11. Question on the " L.E.D " lighting ? Does this create " ghosting or shadows ? , i currently have a nice " Ott " light , works nice I'm looking to add an additional light to bench but I think sometimes I get like a Ghosting effect ? Anybody experience this or are my eyes so bad it's me? Ugh. I use cheater glasses 4.50 ,
  12. The internet has opened up some competitive markets, I understand the shipping , the uncontrolled delays , true there isn't a one shop for all needs , it is probably very difficult to stay competitive with all shops when not one person tying flys has the same needs , I admit I wouldn't want to have to stock those odd materials then carry in inventory in hopes that those few would buy off shelf , so I get the standard inventory stocking , keep inventory moving , keep the lights on . This brings up a funny experience I had over the winter , I was tying up a box of Bead head nymphs , need a few sizes , I drove to my local area for materials , inside of a 1/4 mile is 5 shops, all have guide services as well , all friendly and helpful , lol here comes the funny moment , first shop I went into I did the normal walking around looking , the owner comes out greets and says " what are you looking for ? I told him I was looking for some slotted tungsten beads to tie some " jig type nymphs " oh boy. ..... I thought I spilled my coffee or somthing based on his reaction, he said why ? I looked at him , he then goes on to tell me , " you live in the Catskills , you should be tying Catskills flies , lol , then tells me he never used bead heads , so he doesn't carry them ? I kind of looked at him , I responded politely, well I was trying to do my business locally to support the local shops like youres ... so I thought I'd skip the internet and come here today , lol. He said " you don't need those ... hmm okay. Well thanks for telling me what I need today I said , now I'm thinking he's probably joking with me , sort of his personality right. Nope , guy was dead seriouse , lol I looked at him said have a great day , enjoy the snowstorm this weekend , and I walked out .. walked across the street , into the next shop which is an " Orvis shop " I never spoke a word of my experience across the street lol , I was greeted and asked if I wanted a cup of coffee ? Sure , thank you , then shown to the materials I was looking for , I found some other items as well , upon checking out , the owner asked if there was anything else I needed or couldn't find ? I smiled and said no , thanks I found everything , he figured out what I was tying , and suggested some nice squirrel dubbing ? , I said sure sounds great I'll take a packet .. what a difference ..... I suppose some of the shops get burned out on people just walking in and walking out , using the staff for information then to go home , get online and purchase , I always try to support my local shops , however the above experience just lost my support .. when I need or want somthing and just don't have the time to drive there I will jump online and order it , I'm human to and just point and click , but whenever I'm in the " local shops " I always make a purchase , small or large I just feel it's a good thing to do , some spools of thread , few packs of hooks or dubbing , not expensive but puts some money in the register that day , and hopefully they can stay open . lol I will never forget that experience I had , I honestly laugh about to think that this guy was serious. Lol oh well I guess he's fine with it , his shop , his rules. But instead of getting pissed off i truly found this funny , I didn't think he was serious but he was lol
  13. It looks huge online mike ? They seem to have everything and then some ,
  14. Well I think I found a new fly tying material shop ( online ) I needed some Klinkhammer hooks #16,18 Couldn't find anywhere , well I did find some but I prefer this particular hook from " Partridge " so anyway , I find a show in California Bob Marriott " this shop has so many materials , every color size, just a very nice site , found my hooks , Peacock eyes , multiple colors , as well as a few other goodies , called order in Talked with the nice guy in the order department , was polite and helpful , has anyone else used this shop? I have been using Jstockard , however they ship slow, and honestly the inventory is limited , at first I thought they had good selection but after awhile it's pretty limited and I found out it's actually a mail order facility that ships out of a wearhouse , irl on phone told me this after my order was delayed , anyway , if you haven't looked at Bob Marriott shop you may find some materials you've had trouble finding elsewhere
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