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  1. THIS SWAP IS CLOSED AT 7 SWAPPERS. Kim BTW, psychoprince I was unable to send you a PM. Let me know if you need my mailing address, thanks.
  2. Two sets are now in with Woodenlegs fine ties. Keep them comming! Kim
  3. Check out Green Caddis hooks - https://gcoutfitters.com/collections/greencaddis-fly-tying-hooks. They use the same numbering system as TMC and the hooks run $1.75 for barbed/$2 barbless - all 25 count units. I use them and they are a good quality hook for a great price. Only problem is that they often sell out fairly quickly. Kim
  4. Swap has started off strong with a dozen Quill Buzzers from TroutTramp! Kim
  5. Registration closes on the 28th, I'll have the number of swappers by then and let you each know the official number and my mailing address on the 29th (LEAP YEAR!). We have plenty of room to shoehorn a few more swappers in! Kim
  6. I emptied my mailbox - must be another problem. I'll check it out. Kim
  7. Welcome to the site from a born and bred central NYer. I've been tying flies for over 50 years and hosting fly swaps for the past 14 years. Your handle sounds a bit familiar to me. Check out the swaps on this site if you'd like. There are some mighty fine swap hosts (then there's me). Swaps a re a great way to better your tying skills. I look forward to, seeing your posts here on this site! Kim
  8. I sing Connecticut, her charms Of rivers, orchards, blossoming ridges I sing her gardens, fences, farms, Spiders and midges. Phyllis McGinley Chironomids are a round the year family of flies that fish feed on. Whether fishing moving water or still, there's some chironomids that live in it. What is your favorite pattern? stage of life? color? Tie it up for this swap! Let's see your favorite bloodworm, ice cream cone, smoke jumper, or other larva, pupa, emerger or adult midge pattern. Registration for this swap will close on Wednesday, February 28th or when we hit 12 members. Flies will be due in by Wednesday, March 28th. Remember the 5 basic things for the swap - your flies, each with it's own toe tag, all in your swap box, with a SASE all in your sending envelope. If you are new to tying or new to swaps you are most welcome to join in the fun! My swaps are open to ALL level tyers and I am happy to provide any assistance and answer any questions you might have. My job is to ensure you enjoy your first swap. 1 - psychoprince 2 - Fruitrollup - received 3 - fishingbobnelson 4 - Woodenlegs- received 5 - Trouttramp - received 6 - vicrider 7 - DarrellP 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - HAVE FUN!
  9. Worked with some fine tyers! Kim
  10. Welcome to the site from a born and bred central NYer I've been tying for over 50 years and hosting fly swaps for the past 14. Feel free to check out one of my swaps on this site - if you'd like - we are always happy to see a new face! If you live anywhere near Rt 81 we may almost be neighbors. Either way I look forward to seeing your posts! Kim
  11. I double checked the tracking # I sent you (just in case) and it is the correct one. I do suggest you check with your PO. Kim
  12. Welcome to the site from a born and bred central NYer. I've been tying for over 50 years and hosting fly swaps for the past 14 years. There are 3 effective ways to learn how to tie flies and swaps are one of them. A fly swap is simply where a bunch of tyers from 6-12) all tie a pattern and exchange their ties with the other members = check out the fly swaps on this site to see some examples if you'd like. My swaps are open to all level tyers and I share a fly tying gift or two to all members of my swaps. I hope you check the swaps out because we always love to see new faces! This site is loaded with many fine, experienced, and helpful tyers, fishers, rod builders and teachers so you have come to the right place! I look forward to seeing more of your posts and following your development! Kim
  13. To help tie a hackle quill onto a hook shank, flatten the quill. As any baseball player knows - the hardest thing to do is hit a round ball with a round bat! Also, most scissors have a spot where you can do the flattening - it's the flat spots on each blade located just above the hinge. Kim
  14. That's why I like hosting swaps - my scrags can hide amongst some fine ties!!🙃 Good luck on the water and you are most welcome! y swap sare simply a labor of love (and they keep me busy enough to keep my face off the post office walls! Kim
  15. Welcome to the site from a fellow central NYer! I've been tying flies for over50 years and hosting fly swaps for the past 14 years. Feel free to check out the fly swap program on this site - it's one of the most active one in the country and has some great hosts (plus me)! We are ALWAYS happy to see a new face. I've read posts from many people who just love the trout fishing in their home waters. I just brag that in this area we have not only great trout and salmon waters but also great warm water sites and wine trails! I still say we have the best shore lunches! I'm originally from Cortland - congratulations to the Division 3 football Nation Champions! - and now live in Camillus, just a stones throw from the Great New York State Fairgrounds. May I ask where you are? I know that you'll enjoy this site. It's' loaded with many fine, experienced, and knowledgeable fishers, tyers, rod builders and teachers. I look forward to seeing your future posts. Kim
  16. You're right - I'd use honey! Don't you love it when old farts like use learn something new! Kim
  17. Sure, put me down. I haven't been involved in a swap in a LONG TIME!😉 I'll tie Korn's Wire Head Scud. Kim
  18. Flies are with the ponies and on their way to you. Great job all and now you will get to see them. Your tracking numbers are in your message boxes and I hope to see you in my future swaps. Kim NOTE: psychoprince, I was unable to PM your tracking number to you. Got a message that you were unable to accept messages at this time.
  19. Got the last set of flies in today! The USPS has finally released the flies from Mudfish620. Flies will be mailed out no later than this Friday. I'll post on this thread when the USP ponies have them and I'll PM each of you with your USPS tracking number. Thanks for a great swap! Kim
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