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  1. It's a nice 2 1/2 drive for me. One of those "tank of gas" 1-day trips to enjoy. I ended up taking Rt 17 just a bit south of you MIL. Look forward to hearing from you. Kim
  2. It's a bit early for the hoppers yet. Hope to get on the water in a couple weeks. Last week I did make it down to Livingston Manor, NY to the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum though - great ride, great weather, some fine beer and food at one of their micro breweries and one more thing checked off my bucket list! I'll let you know how things turn out. BTW, if you send me your mailing address I'll send down a couple patterns for you to try - a couple of my own plus one from a one armed tyer from 1930's Utah that was WAYYYY ahead of it's time. 'Till then tight lines my friend. Kim
  3. Got two mailings from jburge today. Nice, clean killers! Swap's looking better and better! Kim
  4. Yep, my doctor goes by the rule of- "If it tastes good - don't eat it!" And I ALWAYS listen to my doctor! 🙄😉 Kim
  5. Handy time to test your blood sugar if you are diabetic - I KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT! Kim
  6. If fish will take the Carrot Fly they'll certainly take this! Nice buggy tie! Kim
  7. Post and have some fun! That's why this thread is here! I can't say much against any fly posted. You see ALL of the flies I tie catch fish in the right circumstances. Of course those circumstances are that there is an excellent fisher on one end of the line and a fish that needs glasses on the other end of the line! Kim BTW, if I had a camera that worked I'd post some of mine as well! You'll have to see mine in swaps.
  8. 👍 I look forward to witnessing the killers! Kim
  9. Welcome to the site Lee. You'll find that it is loaded with some fine and experienced tyers/fishers, teachers and overall good people. I'm a born and bred central NY'er. Got lots of streams and flat water (my favorite!) within a 30 minute drive of my house in any direction. Plus some "box of chocolates" bodies of water - flat water with a stream/river feeding and emptying. You cast and never know what you might reel in! Hope our paths cross and tight lines! Kim
  10. Maybe they are catching a Cubs game or two before going overseas! One warning, like me, my flies don't age gracefully! Kim
  11. Got some nice flies from John1986 in the mail today. Just got back from a nice drive to Livingston Manor, NY to visit the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum and other points or interest in the Roscoe/Livingston Manor area. Nice weather and a fine day trip! One more thing checked off my "things to do on 1 tank of gas" bucket list! Kim
  12. Funny, I'd expect to se a video of me mid cast! Kim
  13. Makes sense, I can see the family resemblance! They came over on European cargo ships and introduced first in the St. Lawrence River when the ships dumped their bilge water. They hitched rides on boats from one body of water to the next as well as hitting the Great Lakes watersheds. People found that they would block water lines to camps and such. Now they have been intentionally introduced to some lakes in this area to clear the water! Kim
  14. Around here we have an invasive species - zebra mussels - the color pattern is very similar. Kim
  15. Good luck with the pattern! And thanks for considering. Kim
  16. Bob, I'm not an overachiever - I can never make up my mind! Kim
  17. No, the breast feather wing would NOT vibrate if not under water - it is a wet fly. For a dry - try a Rackelhanen, another quick and easy dry that primarily is tied as a caddis pattern. All you need is poly yarn. If you are lacking let me know - I've got MORE than a lifetime supply! BTW, the Wilson series of flies are also listed in "Fish Flies" by Terry Hellekson. Kim
  18. I always look at any patterns using "the usual suspects" for tying - peacock herl/sword, copper/gold/silver wire, PT, etc... I also like to use the "box fillers" - quick , easy to tie flies. And I always try to keep the classic colors/combos in mind - peacock and red, red and yellow, chartreuse and green... Lastly I like to include a pattern or two that would be new to the fish in your area. On the last note could I suggest a pattern that I know the fish in your area have NOT seen before. It's called Wilson's Mormon Girl - red floss tag with yellow floss body (classic colors), grizzly hackle beard (usual suspect material) and the thing that NO FISH in your area has seen before - a mallard breast feather tied curved (bottom) side up on top of the hook (it makes the fly wiggle in the water creating vibrations in the water). If the fly looks like a sail (and not like anything you've ever tied before!) then you're tying it right. Tie on a Mustad 3906 or 3399 hook and use grey thread. This is an old pattern from a Mr. Wilson who lived in North Ogden, Utah in the 1930's and he was a one-armed tyer! If you would like to see a few more of his patterns (with pictures and recipes) check out flyanglersonline.com and just put "Wilson flies" in the search. I love his patterns because 1) they are clean, simple ties and 2) they are WAY ahead of their time - name one other pattern from the '30's-'50's that is designed with stimulating the fishes lateral line! I hope you like. Tight lines. Kim
  19. Nice job! I'll have to visit your site. Kim
  20. Mayfly emerger and nymph patterns - due to the nice slate grey colors is where I'd start. Kim
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