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  1. Good information. Thank you. I am not sure that you have the correct info in the definitions part, for Gross Profit. I may be wrong. Best wishes going forward. I hope you strike if very big.
  2. The closest fly shop to me is about two hours away. We get that way a bit, so I almost always stop in and drop a few coins. Other than that it's hit what's near you, for us.
  3. Wow Kim! That site is amazing! Thanks!!!
  4. I haven't in years. Ironically, I used to use it when I lived in CA and fished the Lower Owens. So, planettrout's post is timely. I'm just really into older patterns. It's my focus, and so I brought this one out. If you try it, let us know.
  5. I don't hear a lot about this fly anymore. It was the first one I tied by myself after my intro class I took about 1997. Anyone use it anymore?
  6. Wooly Buggers for me. I don't know how everyone does so well with them.
  7. Truth is, I came here because I found that the moderators on another popular site were not very impressive. I came here in hopes that someone who loves to tie, fly fish, teach others to do the same, meet up with members for fun fishing, etc., will be able do respectfully descent on topics that other people bring up. And to tie better.
  8. Thanks. There's no wind in Wyoming. My son is moving to NH soon. I hope to get him the addiction.
  9. Djfan

    Buckskin Nymph

    I have to admit, that buckskin is new to me. What does it imitate? Where do you fish it?
  10. Nice. I live in South/Central WY. Fishing the No. Platte is my thing. Love that river. Sometimes I get down to the Poudre in No Colorado, but it's all burning now. My plan is to stay away from the Yellowstone area often. The crowds and CA drivers are nuts. Love the Galitan, though. You picked a great place to learn to fly fish!
  11. Thanks for the add! Love tying!
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