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  1. I’m in for large freshwater. May also send a set of saltwater if you get another saltwater Tyer
  2. Hey Tom!! Good to be back! I definitely missed tying. Now that life has normalized for me I’ll be here quite a bit
  3. Thank you, I was using my phone last night and that wasn’t working. I’ll try desktop next.
  4. Ok did a search and can't find what I'm looking for. what's the new best way to insert photos into posts? it used to be Flickr and paste code in body but I noticed no pics show Flickr tags anymore. someone help me out
  5. Just getting back into tying after a 3 year break. Wanted to try some deer hair tonight with this 2/0 diver. ready to be tying and posting more! pic coming soon trying to remember how to attach it haha 2A97BB2A-7ACE-47CF-8797-54C04502191D by josephcsylvia, on Flickr
  6. I’d get in on that. If you wait for spring you’ll find many guys are fishing and not tying. Best time for participation is usually fall/winter
  7. I’m really really hoping you do the Christmas swap again! That was so awesome in the past!
  8. I noticed you tied your toads with beadchain instead on mono eyes and you added some hackle. I like it! do these fish differently?
  9. Im going June 14th and 15th out of Homosassa/crystal river. most fish will be over 100#
  10. Skeet thank you, I am the client on this particular trip, I suppose I could have worded that better
  11. Just booked my first tarpon guided trip. 2 full days in June! Excited already. What are some must have tarpon flies, colors and sizes?
  12. I like this. By tackle boxes do you mean like the Plano storage boxes?
  13. Didn’t even think about a light or extension cord. So it’s more of a hang out tie what you want to tie type theme. Great thank you
  14. Have been looking at attending a fly tying night for some time, several local shops/pubs have them. My question which I cant even find the answer on the web is what to bring? Should you pack all your tools and just enough material for a certain pattern you want to tie or a little bit of various items? also what do you carry your stuff in? These question have kept me from attending, of course the simplest answer would be to attend one and observe but I didnt do that haha. Joe.
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