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  1. Busy tying 16 or so dozen ant flies of various flavors for my favorite non-profits
  2. @Salarman I am not seeing anyting in your posts either
  3. An other basic kit by the Canadian Tube Fly Company, the Double Barrel Tube Tying Kit only $18 https://www.canadiantubeflies.com/tube-tying-kit-beginner-kit.html
  4. FISH JOKE Koi fish always travel in groups of four If attacked Koi fish A, B, and C scatter Leaving behind the D Koi
  5. My wife says I have two major faults. I don't listen. and something else
  6. I only know 25 letters of the alphabet. I don’t know y.
  7. My neighbor says he can't pay his water bill I sent him a get well card
  8. I was on the Firehole last Wednesday and Thursday. Bank to bank water, slightly tea stained. Not much catching Wednesday got on the water near Muleshoe Bend about 1 pm, very few bugs until around 6-7 pm when a few white millers started flying around. No fish rising to them though. At that time I got quite a few on BRF''s white miller soft hackle in faster water. Thursday was fishing down from Nez Perce Ck, in the morning, got a few bumps and landed one very small rainbow. I was fishing with "Colorado Ranger Ken" . He wasn't doing any better than me. Just one small trout in hours of fishing for him. Also saw a brassie colored stone fly, but very very few of them. A very few mayflys and some few white millers flying around One or two fish rising intermittently. Strong thunderstorms moved in about 1 pm, rain not so heavy at times, lightning heavy at times. Got off the water and drove back to Whitehall MT in strong thunderstorms all the way
  9. All the above advise is very good When I teach kids fly tying I use a Griffin vises. Either the 1A. or my favorite the Griffin Pro II. I tie on a Regal Medallion Plus 1 for the old FAOL online beginner tying series very informative for beginners https://www.flyanglersonline.com/ I usually follow Scott Cesari beginner fly tying program but can't seem to find it anymore 1. good vise that holds hooks well 2. figure out what fly you want to tie 3. only buy the materials for that vise (otherwise you will wind up like me with thousands of dollars in unused materials) 4. take a class if available Good luck going down this rabbit hole Tom
  10. I mostly tie with a Regal Medallion (rotary but not "true rotary") and like the rotary function for looking at the off side of the fly I also tie with a DynaKing (rotary but not "true rotary"), Griffin Pro (fixed head) and Griffin 1A fine point fixed head for really small flies) I have owned and tied with the Renzetti and found (1) I don't like the true rotary and (2) the bobbin cradle is a PIA I just listed a new HMH Spartan in the classifieds with and extra set of micro jaws and an extra pedestal rod if anyone is interested
  11. WalMart has quite a few spool racks in the sewing dept, some free standing. I hung mine on the wall. 60 spool rack is only $20 I also took some wood, made a 3 level rack and put some dowels in it for close spools in addition to my walmart rack
  12. J stockard has a couple of pedestal bases but they only weigh about 2- 2.5 lbs I have gotten mine from E-Bay and they weigh about 4 lbs . I have been buying the Griffin base, up to over $37 now but weighs over 4 lbs Your local fly shop should be able to order a Griffin Base for you if you don't Ebay I have used the Griffin bases for years - a lot of times I buy a "clamp on" vise and just cut the shaft down to the size I need. I usuallly replace the tightening screw with a hex bolt or similar screw Tom
  13. Son handing his father an acorn. What is this? Dad: A tree Son: Really? Dad: In a nutshell, yes
  14. Eye Drops The original blinker fluid
  15. I am not happy about it either as this was my major hook and bead supplier for the flies I tie for kid's camps and cancer outreach programs for adults Better stock up This outfit has done me very good over the years TJ
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