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  1. Howdy: I have been using their hooks and beads for quite a few years now. I tie for a couple of tu kids camps every year as well as casting for recovery, mayfly project, reel recovery and a few tie-a-thons. I donate all my flies to the above organizations and am on fixed income so the savings in just hooks is tremendous. luckily I have a lot of fly tying material collected over the years so have been using it up for these flies. Shipping has gone up, but if you purchase over $25. shipping is free TJ
  2. For just a little more you can get a quality Griffin 1A vise at around $60
  3. I am new to this forum but have been tying since 1972 or so I am a big proponent of Griffin vises for beginners. I own some Griffin 1A and Montana Pro vises They are relatively inexpensive, simple and hold a hook. They are easy to maintain and repair if necessary. I will say it again, boy do they hold a hook. See Al Campbell's review of beginning fly tying vises at FAOL (Fly Anglers On-Line). I have taught fly tying to various groups including middle school children with a bevy of Regal Vises that I used to own and found that young and very old hands had trouble squeezing the clamp spring open so I bought some 1A and Montana Pro vises and solved that problem. Yes they are not rotary at all, but boy do they ever hold a hook. They are probably the best vise for the money However I do most of my tying on a Regal or DynaKing - non true rotary, but they do rotate). I have tied on many different iterations of the Regal Vise, DynaKing, HMH, Griffin Spider Cam, Griffin Montana Pro, Griffin 1A, Renzetti and of course Thompson Model A. I would recommend either the Griffin Montana Pro highly. Griffin vises come with a 100% lifetime guarantee. If you ever have a problem with a vise or tool due to defective workmanship, they will replace those items at no charge TJ
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