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  1. Mine shipped out today should be there by Friday
  2. Mine went in the mail today. Say they should be there Monday.
  3. Mine went in the mail on Thursday 11-10. Said they should be to you by Tuesday.
  4. Mine are ready to be mailed. Let me know where to send them. Thank you
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I will look into purchasing a ceramic inserted bobbin also.
  6. Hello, I am tying some flies and got a new spool of 8/0 tan thread. Tried tying three flies this evening and at some point during this all three times the thread broke. I have a cheap bobbin. Maybe that is a problem? It does not feel like it allows the spool to turn very easy? I haven't had this issue with any other thread though. Also new to the game so looking for a little advice on what causes the issue. Thank you.
  7. I got the PM and replied. Looking forward to getting into this. Thank you.
  8. I am interested in doing this. I am new to fly tying. Can I get an idea of what I should tie? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone As the title says I am a new member to the forum. I am new to fly tying and live in Southeast Iowa. I purchased a Hairline fly tying kit and got it two days ago. I have tied the San Juan Worm and a brassie. I was a little nervous getting into this craft as I figured it would be very difficult, but I think with some practice I should be able to tie something to fool a fish. I look forward to learning from everyone.
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