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What Vise do you use?

What is your primary vise?  

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Will do.  I’d invite to our tying club UTFMA that meets in Bedford hopefully in the fall but probably that’s too much of a drive.

I’d like to meet you and niveker sometime.  Maybe the Marlborough show will happen this year and maybe not ! Lol

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Started with the venerable Thompson Model A.  Bought a used Renzetti Traveler and put a lot of flies through it. Moved up to the Dyna-King Barracuda a few years ago and honestly can't see myself ever using another vise.

As Salarman said, vises are basically just hook holders.  The Dyna-King does that very well indeed and never a moment's trouble, although I must admit that DamaSeal is pretty sexy...

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Have had a bunch...


Started with the old indian clamp vises and a few other generic vises...  then eventually found a Stonfo flytec when I got tired of spending money on a new vise every 6 to 12 months, which has served well for a couple of years...

Earlier this year I picked up a Regal Medallion...  not rotary, but does well for many patterns....  I go back to the Stonfo for it's rotary capabilities at times.

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