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Large Mouth / Small Mouth Bass - As long as it floats swap

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Okay everyone I guess I am ready to take the next step, bite the bullet, and host a swap. I have been in several swaps as a tier but not as a Swap Meister so this will be my first. Since summer and higher temperatures are just right around the corner I was thinking about top water stuff for large mouth or small mouth bass. You can tie a popper, floating minnow, frog, some type of bug creation, it really does not matter as long as it floats. You can use foam, deer hair, or whatever you choose for material as long as it floats. Regular swap rules apply and please ensure that you include return postage for the flies to be sent back. I am hoping to get 12 tiers on this swap and you will not be getting back your own flies.

I am not going to be a stickler on everyone informing the swap on what they are going to tie. You can share what you are going to tie but it is not necessary. Use your imagination, the only stipulation for this swap is that the fly has to float! Since we are beginning to approach the summer and 2 holidays ( Memorial Day and 4th of July ) I was leaning towards a due date of July 10, 2015. Is that to far out? I hope not just trying to give everyone plenty of time to get them tied and mailed out without any time crunch.

Since this is my first swap and if I have forgotten something or not done some thing right please let me know. I will keep everyone informed of who has joined, when the flies are being mail to me, when all the flies have been received, and when they will be mailed back out to everyone. Let the games begin!!!!

As Long As It Floats Swap ( Large Mouth / Small Mouth Bass ) - Due July 10, 2015

SM - add147
1. jfinn - (mailing address sent) ((mailed 7/6/2015)) ***received 7/9/2015***
2. jamesbrock3 - Gurgle Frog (mailing address sent) ****NOT IN SWAP****
3. MuskyFlyGuy - Foam Popper (mailing address sent) ((mailed 5/19/2015)) ***received 5/22/2015***
4. sammothner - The Beatle (mailing address sent) ((mailed 6/2/2015)) ***received 6/18/2015
5. tyler94 (mailing address sent) ((mailed 7/9/2015)) ***received 7/16/2015*** ENVELOPE WAS OPENED NO FLIES - SENDING ANOTHER SET ****received 7/31/2015****
6. Dorado (mailing address sent) ((mailed 7/2/2015)) ***received 7/8/2015***
7. eastern fly - Surprise not telling (mailing address sent) ((mailed 7/18/2015))

8. JasonV - Deerhair - Popper (mailing address sent) ((mailed 6/3/2015)) ***received 6/10/2015***
9. flyfishingdom - Popper (mailing address sent) ***received***
10. fshng2 (mailing address sent) ((mailed 6/16/2015)) ***received 6/19/2015***
11. Fisherboy0391 (mailing address sent) ((mailed 7/7/2015)) ***received 7/10/2015***
12. joseph russell - Flip Flop Popper (mailing address sent) ((mailed 7/6/2015)) ***received 7/14/2015***

When mailing your flies please include your flytyingforum name on a toe tag so it will be easier to keep up with who is who. Thanks!!!



All flies have been received and mailed back out 8/3/2015...THANKS FOR A GREAT SWAP!!!

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Love to join this one if you have me. Don't know what I'll tie yet but it will most likely be big and obnoxious. Just how the bass like 'em.

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Okay fellows y'all are all in!


tyler94 you're in...Messaged you mailing address

Dorado you're in...Messaged you mailing address

eastern fly you're in...Messaged you mailing address

JasonV you're in...Messaged you mailing address


Swap is filling up which is GREAT!!!

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Everyone please forgive me for posting every little detail on everyone...If I do not do this I will get stuff screwed up and since this is my first swap I want it to go as smoothly as possible for the tiers as well as for myself. I am in technology so I learned a long time ago document crap or you will get lost and then you look like a fool! LOL LOL

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