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  1. Hey man, Shouldn't the prices read $3.00 Canadian and $5.00 American? :hyst: NO Seriously!!!
  2. I hunt and tan the hides for my own tying. Getting the most out of an animal is important to me because it makes it more worth wild. less waste is better.
  3. I have to say that their hackles would be hard to beat because of the cold weather up there. I've lived in Edmonton Alberta and I can vouch for the cold winters. Those roosters would have no choice but to grow really thick plumage. I would buy my hackle from them any day. The reason why the birds had problems in the beginning was probably the adjustment to the cold climate. They look pretty decent from the pictures.
  4. My favorite flytying/ flyfishing books are: Randall Kaufmanns' Tying Dry Flies, Tying Nymphs. the Art of Fly Tying by Claude Chartrand. American Fly Tying Manual and Essential Trout Flies by Dave Hughes. Reading The Water and Handbook of Hatches by Dave Hughes.
  5. Deer hair because I'm a hunter and I tan My own deer hides for my own flys. Theres just so much different types of hair on one hide that you can just about ty any fly with it. Caddis flys, Comparaduns, bomders, Nymphs, Humpies, Extended bodies, Parachutes. Name it and I'll tell you where to ty the deer hair.
  6. You just wanted to show off your new boob toob :yahoo:
  7. don't you dare waste that duck! Listen to me for a second ! You won't get caught if you keep your mouth shut. You didn't kill it so welcome the opportunity. I say skin it and use my taning recipe. It will kill any infections that the dead duck may have, and use rubber gloves. If you can't find it in the archives then let me know and I'll give it to you.
  8. I've modified my wing burners from the shop to have a more realistic shape by using my dremel tool. A hair packer from an empty bullet casing. 30.30 and a 7mm Rem mag. Works just as good as the other hair packers. and they make good hair stackers too.
  9. :headbang: SFOTF, Sports Fishing on The Fly. :headbang: sport fishing BC.
  10. I had a problem a while back with a buisness that would not give me my money back so I went to the better buisness bureau and told them my story. Those guys got my money back and today I'm a millionaire. Not really but they did get my moneyback.
  11. Auh, no there not not. Left handed people tend to be more creative in the arts such as music, painting etc... Auh and Serial Killing. :hyst:
  12. Any one out there tie with these legs? and is there any good grass hopper patterns out there?
  13. Why don't they just say, "If you don't see what your looking for we can order it for you". If I had a Fly Shop I would order what is needed. Not expect people to substitute materials. I hate the if we don't have it you don't need it attitude they give us.
  14. I agree with smallie. Thats a great way a get a mottled look.
  15. OK, now that I've found all the organza I'll ever need at Wall Mart does any one know how to dye it? Is it the same procedure as with cloths? What can I use to get a tan color for caddis wings? What's out there? And how can I use it? Oh and how do I get that Mottled look to it?? That's a lot of questions isn't it? Wait that was another question. Or was It?
  16. Wash them! Thats what I do. With mild detergent like ivory snow. Then lay them out to dry. They'll look so nice after wards that you won't want to ty with then, but you will.
  17. Thanks for the cool web site on wing cutters. And I going to show some pics of flies I tyed with these wing burners . Soon.
  18. I hate the shape of the wing burners out there in the fly shops.Ok they do the job, but why don't they look real? So I took a scaned may fly wing and played with the size to suit my needs and printed them out. I then cut them out and double taped them to my wing durners. I took my Dremel tool and grinded it to the shape of the taped mayfly wing. Heres the picture of them. Now my wings look true to form.
  19. Good job!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Where? - Walmart. Sold in meter lengths for under $4.00 in Bulk. Now if I can only find out how to dye organza in the colors I need.
  20. I know I've seen this stuff before. It's some kind of fabric thats machine woven. If I knew the name of the way its made then I know I could find it. Maybe a seamstress would know or someone who does upholstery.
  21. QUOTE (lord beatis @ Aug 14 2005, 09:10 PM) this stuff is actually made FOR the fly tying market by a guy in Denver. He splatters and treats each sheet himself. Contact D's webwing for bulk rates. Yah but who's the Guy? Thats the question! Denver is a big place to be looking for just some guy with no name or no address. And who's D's? I need more information then that.
  22. I'm looking to find this stuff in large quantities and I need to know what it is really called. I've look everywhere on the net. I get my chenille at wall mart in big rolls so why should this web-wing be any different to get in big quantities? Can someone help me?
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    Do trout detect magnetic disturbances in there prey?
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