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  1. Lt. dun and medium dun. I have a few lt. grey dun (natural) in the Hebert necks in the shop ($43.00)
  2. Kurecolor, Chartpak and Letraset Promarkers. The Letrasets are specifically marketed to fly tiers. They have the double ended tips like the Prismacolors.
  3. Here is the digital issue of the Sep/Oct Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine. Steve Schweitzer put together a great article from a different angle. Thanks Steve. Page 17. Eastern Fly Fishing
  4. I think the J:son System is awesome. Realistic flies that are simple and great looking. Simplifies the process for us that dont have the time to learn a new art.
  5. Mostly tailing fibers but it seems to be used for many applications in and around Spain. Andres Touceda and his buddy will be spending 2 weeks with me in North Carolina in November. I plan on having various workshops... one of which will be all about tying with Coq de Leon (dries, wets, and nymphs).
  6. DHise


    The Helmets are available, as well as the Articulated Shanks.
  7. Thanks all. I guide in Virginia and North Carolina. The free advice will always flow. Sharing what Ive learned from so many icons (and days on the water) is one of the reasons I do what I do.
  8. Found out on Monday that I was 1 of 4 finalists for the Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year for 2011 and on Friday I saw the September/October issue of Eastern Fly Fishing. Pretty Cool! I feel a sense of satisfaction and humility.
  9. I should be able to get it repaired for you. Its like $100. Dont hold me to it though. Ive had them done before.
  10. DHise


    Good question. I think it makes a difference on patterns that represent forage fish and baitfish but have caught fish on streamers that dont have eyes. Probably depends on a lot of factors, like water clarity, turbidity, etc..
  11. 1 of 4 finalists for the 2011 Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year. Congrats D Young.
  12. DHise


    Im not sure what Martin has planned as far as shows. Ill have them soon.
  13. Virtual Nymph Nymph Skin for the abdomen. Spirit River Mottled Nymph Skin for the wing plates. Not sure if its in the database. Here is a step by step: Hises Burrowing Mayfly
  14. Im back until guide season starts; then, Ill be on the water
  15. DHise


    Yes they are from Flymen.
  16. Daiichi all the way (I guess it helps if youre on the Pro Staff )
  17. Ive been wrapping up a lot of these for special orders lately.
  18. Here are a few sculpins. Been fortunate to be able to test out the Sculpin Helmets before their unveiling at AFFTA.
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