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  1. Received a great set of flies today. Thanks to all and I hope for a great holiday season for you and your families. Kim, awesome job on picking the swappers and managing an on time swap. Thanks for the gift and tying instructions on the flies. I will be certain to put them to use. Tim
  2. Spent Caddis flies shipped today. Body - Llama Wool Rib - Dark Horsehair Wing - Partridge Hackle - tan and furnace Thread - tan
  3. Yellow Hammers shipped today Hook size 16 Thread - Black Tail - Pheasant tail Body - Peacock Hackle - Partridge dyed yellow The above image was taken from the Great Smokie Mountains National Park archives
  4. I will be tying my version of the Yellow Hammer
  5. I have some pheasant and partridge so am in. Tim
  6. Happy Holidays flytire and all!
  7. Awesome set of flies received. Bob I can't wait to try out that mixture it is much appreciated. Happy Holidays to all! Tim
  8. C'mon man, Mike only has short sleeves!😃
  9. Thanks Bob! Hopefully they make it and you are doing ok with all the home repairs. Tim
  10. Just take care of what you need to do Bob. We will wait.
  11. Thanks BB I was able to find an image in a 1981 publication from the National Park Service on The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/58971
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