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  1. Thanks BB I was able to find an image in a 1981 publication from the National Park Service on The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/58971
  2. Hi Breambuster, Do you have a step by step for the Yallerhammer? I have not yet tried to search for it and was hoping you had a reference link. Thanks, Tim
  3. Fishing Bob, Christmas Caddis Flies are ready. Please check my message to you.
  4. Next time you could say "yup bought and paid for".
  5. Nice looking catch!
  6. Nice score Rick. It pays to keep your eyes open. Sometimes an opportunity presents itself unexpectedly. Tim
  7. Thanks all I really appreciate the help and suggestions especially the fly options as I would like to tie up a few in advance. I certainly will hit the local fly shops as well but want to prepare in advance and the ideas you have suggested will definitely help. Thanks again, Tim
  8. Thanks Flytire and Denduke. Good ideas for me to follow up on. I appreciate the feedback. Tim
  9. Hello Everyone, I expect to be doing a lot of sight seeing in these two National Parks in mid September. I plan on taking along a fly rod to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. Any ideas on flies and access points to smaller streams and or lakes (from the bank) during this time of year would be appreciated. Also if you have ideas where I could access the Snake river for stream-side fishing that would be appreciated as well. Thanks, Tim
  10. I like the fly and plan on tying and fishing it. Thanks for the video and instructions.
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