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  1. I was using Loc-Tite super glue but am now a major fan of the Clear Cure ... Mike
  2. I mostly tie my midges .. and I fish midges allot .. on the TMC2499SP. In my mind there's no better hook made. Yes they are expensive but I think you get what you pay for. Flytire is right .. the 2488, 2488H and the 2499SP have straight eyes which gives a better gape. I have a bunch of the TMC200R also and they have their uses too. I guess I just like the straight eye/wide gape better. Mike
  3. I hope she does. She's a real sweetheart. It's been a long time since I've seen her. She really is a joy to have around. Mike
  4. I just noticed that Sister Carol Corley .. the Flytying Nun .. will be tying also. :yahoo: Mike
  5. :thumbsup: Looks like a great web store.. Man wished i could of scored the Greys 10' 4wt rod for only $179.00 :bugeyes: I've got one of the Greys .. a 10' 3WT and it is a great rod. I have a Greys G-Tec 310 reel on it and smooth doesn't even begin to describe it. He also carries 11' Greys rods. Mike
  6. There's a guy in Bull Shoals Arkansas you might want to check with. His web site is www.flyfishar.com and he has a shop along with guide service. Mike
  7. I heard that Royce Dam and Bill Heckle will both be there... Is that true? They're both listed as tiers.
  8. March 17-19 the annual Sowbug Roundup will be held in Mountain Home Arkansas near the White River. There'll be over 100 fly tyers and about a dozen different vendors. If you're in the area stop by. Admission is $5 good for all 3 days. Mike
  9. Looks like a great night. Nice job of organizing things. Mike
  10. Who won the rod Steve built? How many showed? Details Oatka .. details. Mike
  11. Guys .. the post was meant as a joke. If anyone ever had a chance to look at the fly shop I call my apartment they'd see that. Besides .. at 6, 7 and 11 they can't wait to get started in fly fishing and tying. Mike
  12. Sadly +1 I'm in that same boat but I have to explain to my grand kids why I'm spending their inheritance on what ever I do buy. Mike No explanation required or warranted: "It is your money. Use it when you need it." In most cases I'd agree. But with my grandkids that doesn't work. :crying: Mike
  13. Sadly +1 I'm in that same boat but I have to explain to my grand kids why I'm spending their inheritance on what ever I do buy. Mike
  14. This makes the DVD of his and the book Two Centuries of Soft Hackle Flies even that much more special to me. Mike
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