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  1. Dang Floyd, that looks great! I can't wait! BB, I'll finally get mine mailed to ya tomorrow over lunch. I've been getting my butt kicked at work, and haven't been able to make it to the post office during their open hours. I swear, them and banks are never open when convenient.
  2. As a former furniture mover for 8 years, let me just say this, don't plan on that lasting a move. For 2 reasons...1)All those hinges are going to make this thing unsteady when trying to move it and 2)the guy said the dimension were 3'x3'x6'. Go measure your door. It might fit through your front door, but it won't fit through a standard interior door, assembled.
  3. Are those weighted eyes? If so, won't it ride upside down?
  4. My local flyshop highly recommended me that book and I have to say, it's great. I also got Charlie Craven's book, "Basic Fly Tying". Both are great books for beginners, Charlie Craven explains everything he's doing in the pictures, and has a sense of humor about things too.
  5. Looks good, can't wait to get one in the mail.
  6. BB, wanna PM me your address? I'll ship them out tomorrow.
  7. I got a PM from Catalpa_Joe saying I didn't need 100 posts to be involved in a swap. I guess I misread something, anyways, I'm in. I'll tie a Gurgler. It's a mix of a wooly bugger and some foam on top. Just so I'm clear, I tie 14 of these, all the same, correct?
  8. I don't have 100 posts, so I can't be in, but I think this is a great idea. Way to increase the activity in the Step-by-Step section. :yahoo:
  9. Again, I'm amazed. Every time I click on one of your realistic ties, I'm blown away. Great job!!
  10. Sell it to somebody on a local board for $90, then spend that 90 at a local, independent shop. I did.
  11. thanks i will check into that website any tips on the spiining for the heads Don't lay down a layer of thread where you are going to be spinning the deer hair. It prevents it from spinning smoothly. Here's a decent video showing how to spin deer hair.
  12. Those are most definitely HDR'd. I love that look on these types of photos.
  13. Nice pictures, cute girls. They're gonna grow up and be heart-breakers.
  14. You ever driven on 84 along the Washington/Oregon border? Along the Columbia River? I also drive for my job, 2 summers ago I drove that beautiful stretch, it all looked so amazing, wish I had a chance to either fish or just enjoy the scenery for longer than I could. Anyways, I also drive for a living, but mostly local stuff now. I deliver stuff for trade shows and deliver medical equipment to hospitals.
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