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  1. It doesn't take too much investment to make your own popper bodies and do it very efficiently as well. I make bits for a drill to cut out bodies out of brass cases for different calibers as well as several other types of tubing. My favorite big bass popper is a piece of 1/2" emt chucked up in my drill press. I shape them on a mini belt sander.
  2. Here's a floater/diver you may want to try. I call it the Krippled Killer because it lays on it's side. It will dive very deep if you don't pull too hard or fast. I think it's greatest asset is that when you pull hard and fast (like the start of a back cast) , it will turn over and come rocketing out of the water, making casting them very easy. They do require a little experimenting with to get them to wobble well but very worth it. The upturned eye hooks will make them wobble almost too much as the pull is from higher up on the fly. I tend not to make them wobble on a deep dive but to make little dives and let them float back up. The strike is always on the way back up. I absolutely love fishing them.
  3. Those curved bands would make great pincers for craw fish flies.
  4. Have a friend that is going musky fishing in the spring and he asked me to tie a few musky flies. Being a 95% bass fisher, I had never tied musky flies. After researching through this site, I came up with these. All have 6/0 hooks and are 8 to 10" long. If they don't work, I'm sure the guide will have some.
  5. I have tied the Aztecs ever since I first saw them in a Fly Fishing magazine back in the 70s. It is a great bait fish imitation but I've since gone to Puglisis as the Aztec takes a long time to tie.
  6. I like poppers with glitter on them and use them more than any others. I use the smaller grain glitter and leave them rough textured though. I make them on my own bodies though. It's the fish catchingest poppers I make.
  7. Those look very nice, tails are all excellent. I occasionally tie some poppers for a friend for peacock bass, usually on 7/0 hooks. It's hard to get the ratios of material right when they get big.
  8. I've had no problems with back cast or forward cast. It seems no different in the cast that I can tell. Jack is right in that you can feel the wobble of the fly when retrieving it.
  9. Rods with no reels found a market.
  10. Has any one used any of the pulse discs with their flies? It's taken me a while to find what size and weight of flies work the best but the results have been amazing. I've been catching so many more bass this year than any other while using them.
  11. Finally got around to tying some of these up. These are for the give aways at this months fly fishing club. I have tied me some like these but with rattlers in them. They work beautifully with the pulse discs and I have caught a lot of bass on them. Thanks for the video.
  12. I also glue together layers to get what I want and then cut out the poppers or drill them out. The last few years though, I have just used all white and colored them with markers. The frog is made up of layers and the others are felt marker colored poppers.
  13. Yes it is. Much simpler though is to find tubing and simply chuck it up in a 1/2" drill. Most metal golf club handles cut 1/2" rounds.
  14. I'm a soft foam guy. It's easy to work with and the color goes all the way through. I drill my popper bodies out and sand the taper to them on a small belt sander. They take marker color very well so you can use white foam for almost every thing if you want. It's very easy to put rubber legs through as well.
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