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  1. Trout Geek, Do you have the model with ceramic tube? If so, is the ceramic tubing similar to the more affordable type bobbins?
  2. Gilly, I forgt to mention that if you really want a Master Vise, by all means go get it- regardless of what the pros and cons are. Chances are you'd be happy with it. It all comes down to personal prefference. And if you've been imagining yourself tying on a Master Vise smiling and satisfied, then you owe it to yourself to purchase one. When were talking about vises at this caliber, I believe that it's more about wants rather than need. So, unless you buy one for yourself, you'll never know if the Master Vise is "THE ONE" for you.
  3. For your purpose, "Tyer" should be the word. Tyer means " one who ties." Tier, on the other hand, could have many meanings and can be pronounced in several ways- most of which not associated with fly tying.
  4. I use my bobbin rest occasionally. And instead of having it mounted on my vise, I have it mounted on a separate base so I could easily move it away if not in use.
  5. I tie on an Abel Supreme and found it to be better, in my opinion,than my last 2 vises ( Regal and Dyna King Barraccuda). I tie mostly trout patterns and the Abel vise suits my purpose the best. Also, I like the jaws better on this vise than the Dyna King's.
  6. I sometimes do my tying after dinner. And usually with the TV tuned to a comedy show.
  7. Met Always Kool (A.K.) Best a few weeks ago at San Mateo Show. Great guy!
  8. I use Dai-Riki for most of my trout patterns and I use Eagle Claw nickle plated hooks for my shad flies. I use Dai-Riki because I can get them cheaply- $7.50 per 100 piece pack!
  9. Brian, If you really want an AK Vise, keep checking on Ebay. Late last year, an AK Vise was listed with a buy-it-now for $100.
  10. Brian, I agree with you on the Dyna King. My second vise was a Dyna King Barraccuda and I also feel that the jaws are best suited for larger flies- definitely not the best for trout fly tying. I thought about getting the midge jaws but I opted to get another vise instead. My first 2 fly tying books are by A.K. Best and for some reason, I also wanted to have the vise and reel that he used. I got the reel but not the vise. I wantched AK tie during the San Rafael Show last month and I saw how he used the vise. The AK Vise will accomodate the smallest hooks, but if you'll use a size 4 and larger, you'll have to invert the jaws to have a larger surface contact with the hook. Otherwise, the hook won't be stable enough for tying. I didn't like that idea and so I've decided to get an Abel Supreme instead. So far, I'm quite satisfied with my purchase.
  11. I checked the bugger pack at my local fly shop and found out that they are on clearance at 50% off retail. I hope Whiting is not phasing them out.
  12. I'd recommend a quality suturing scissors- the one's made in Germany. These scissors are made with quality stainless steel that stays sharp and have very fine tips. To me, these are perfect for fly tying.
  13. Nice work, Paul! I might try that set-up for myself. Thanks for sharing. For point-and-shoot digital cameras (Canon PowerShot)- I can't seem to get a clear close-up picture. What do you suggest for me to do?
  14. If I'm not mistaken, AK sold the company to McKenzie. And I believe McKenzie continued manufacturing the vise until a few years ago. The vise is advertised in my Winter 1996 issue of Fly Tyer for $279.95 and Summer 1997 for $309.95. They now go for well over $350 on ebay.
  15. Caleb, Great Site. You sure are doing the right thing with your time. More power to you!
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