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  1. Hopefully I did this correctly........Its been a few years since I posted with an attached photo.....I finally broke down and purchased my new vessel this past Summer....Its a North Star Phoenix solo canoe designed for Wilderness river tripping made of kevlar with Fiberglass reinforcement in the high impact areas (better abrasion resistance than kevlar) with a red gelcoat finish.......I spent the Summer paddling the local rivers/lakes with my flyrod getting used to it..... Mike
  2. Welcome! The Stillwater is my “home” river......This is a great site...lots of great/helpful Tier’s....I’ve been away myself for awhile, but jumped back in for the Winter tying season.... Mike
  3. I typically whip finish....used to do it by hand, now use a tool....on smaller stuff when I am trying to minimize weight and or size, I use the super glue trick with a couple wraps.... Mike
  4. I am far from an expert on it, but I have found the best times to flyfish in the surf to be May-early June and late September-mid October....I have been down there in january and the water is too cold inshore for most of the normal target species......If you go back in the bays, you will probably find some warmer pockets of water and catch some smaller holdovers......Check out haflhitch tackles website, they just redesigned this past year.....they don't really cater to flyfishers, but have weekly/monthly fishing reports and forcasts and during peak seasons have daily updates.....that will atleast give you an idea of what may be around to target.....I haven't been on this site in awhile, but ther used to be a couple guys from that area on here that were quite willing to share information....maybe one of them will chime in... Mike
  5. Steve Coomer is going to be giving a presentation on the Little Miami River on Wednesday, June 11th @ 6:30 pm at Great Miami Outfitters in Miamisburg, Ohio.....I missed his presentation a couple of weeks ago in Cincy....Everyone that I spoke to that was in attendance, raved about it....Here is a link: http://www.greatmiamioutfitters.com/info/little-miami-river-fishing-facts-folklore-galore Mike
  6. My experience is limited to Summer/Fall trips to the Boundary Waters for Pike....with that said, my best colors were black, chartreuse, olive, & white with the chartreuse being the #i producer........I was tying them on a 1/0-2/0 "bait" hook....I was generally fishing shallow so no weights, though i did make a few w/gold cone heads....on days I had trouble enticing them, I would clip a small inline gold spinner blade on the front of the hook and the flash/vibration seemed to help quite a bit.... Mike
  7. Police Detective for the past 25 years. Mike
  8. Those look great! They would be killers on the rock bass with my 3 wt in the local streams.... Mike
  9. Thanks again SC! Another successful download! Now I just have to find the time to read them all..... Mike
  10. I prefer wood myself......with that said, that is pretty sweet looking! Does it break down for portability? I would hate to see the price tag! Mike
  11. I tried Vegemite once..........that was enough....... Mike
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