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  1. i cashed in my fly fish bass "V" card as it were with a Tomsu's Supreme Hopper and the trout cant get enough of it either.
  2. Thats what i was looking for, Thanks Gene L
  3. haha, this took off a bit. Not hate'in on JS i just thought it was like an east coast fishing thing or something that i have not seen yet. and sorry for the spelling lol
  4. What is with the "fly line" they tie to their flies in the Adds, it looks like knitting yarn or there something im not getting. P.S. why do their knows have such a large tag?
  5. i like mine for both lense and as a light stand. I perch it over my fly and put my head lamp on it to shine through to the fly on a dim evening.
  6. i like that soo much i tried it myself. I have a few ponds with bows and bass in them.
  7. all depends of what you do! i would love a Yak for larger prairy lakes but will take my tube to mountain ponds. but a Yak can go down a river.....it goes on. i would say a yak is more versitile but not as packable
  8. are you talking about selecting the right size of hackle feather from the cape? if so they run left to right ie. the feathers in either side of a size #14 should be about the same. I have a hackle checker on my vice so i can double check. i would NOT recomend you pull all the feathers off teh hide.
  9. i use the leather for worms and streamers. The fake pheasant feathers make a durable stone fly wing..cute girls...cute moms lol
  10. those last few are looking great, just watch the size of hackle on your post.
  11. looks easier to pull the legs through the body with foam. What part of Russia are you in? Im looking to do a trip in a few years to the East coast with my father in laws work partners over there.
  12. i think i got the black color scheme of one of your old post...i tryed doing this with foam but i think it was a bit too soft.
  13. i tie a chartreuse caddis with a purple hot spot and it kills fish up here.
  14. do you mix a water based paint with the glue? I coated my new ones in crazy glue first but i will still be glossing them over because i like the look and it "might" help for aerodynamics when casting.
  15. good to know before i make a bunch! thanks for the great tips. Im going to try a few more out tonight then get back to my fly order...grown
  16. so these are the first that i have done up. I like them but i think they could use a bit more work. they are balsa wood with acrylic paint. I will eb giving them a coat of clear nail polish in the next few days. My plan is to keep them smaller for trout and the small large mouth bass by my cottage in BC. A large bass out of those ponds in 1lb, i have heard of a few 1.5s but not much larger and i am really hopping that the 15lb rainbows in my lake will kills these at night. do any of you have colore or tips on these? Thanks
  17. wow, looking great. Cant wait to see some trout in there.
  18. great fly, looks like a simple tie
  19. save some extra cash and get some Redington Sonic Pro's they are epic!!! great warranty service too
  20. sweet, thanks for all the help. Teh 2 pelts are tanned very nicely, i just have to cut them down once the smell is gone. My fist popper looks a bit "rustic" is you will but they are getting better. Im trying to keep them small for trout at night and the few off bass ponds out by my cottage.
  21. sounds good and should i just use lacquer based paints or will acrylics work? Thanks, those pelts should make some great maol leaches
  22. So i got 2 pelts of Russian squirrel from a friend but they stink of mothballs. Very nice pelts and clean hide but can i hang them out side to air off that small? And my other question is about poppers. Should i be using balsa wood or bass wood? I have made 1 with balsa and it is rough, should i just step down my sand paper or is this a trate of balsa? Thanks
  23. i find that is i am grabing too large a chunk of dubbing it will clump like you said. A bit of wax on the thread really helps or just pinch a bit less. If you want that thicker "body" look go with a dubbing loop. hope it helps
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