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  1. Don't tie so far into the hook bend especially don't fill it up with dubbing or you'll lose fish more often. That fly should be smaller on that hook , try to end (start tying} the body just above the barb. If you are going past the barb then keep it real thin such as a tag made of tinsel or thread/floss etc. Also for that fly try tapering the body ( thin at the rear to heavier near the bead ). Use half the dubbing you think you need then remove a little from that amount. Filling up the gap of the hook with dubbing etc. only helps the fish escape. You're on your way , keep up the good work.
  2. I will need to steal this to try on smallies , maybe add a little orange into the cream dubbing.
  3. I wonder if it wasn't his variation of this https://www.skinnymoose.com/wanderings/2011/05/07/the-mysterious-slim-jim-northern-maine’s-elusive-dry-fly/
  4. Foam core board cut to the size you want works well . It's rigid and can be stood up against whatever far enough behind the vise so as not to get in your way.
  5. The buoyancy of the deer hair should help to keep the hook off the bottom on a sinking line or sink tip. I like to fish muddlers (loose head style) in crawfish colors in very rocky areas. They stay just off the bottom to keep snags to a minimum.
  6. Eze Lap Diamond hone and stone http://TinyURL.com/y53njg2l I use the fine for sharpening hooks ( at the bench and on the water) but for large hooks the med may be better when you have more metal to remove. You can buy them individually but for what most places charge for one (plus shipping) you may as well get the set. They do come in handy for other things too.
  7. Come now Mike we're all friends here. You can tell us the truth , we won't judge. They were that color until you dyed them magenta. Has anyone tried burning a hole in the ultrasuede with a large hot needle instead of having such a large hole from the punch?
  8. Were they kind of like the ones Chief Jay Strongbow used to wear ? chief_jay_strongbow_stat.png Of course they weren't mvendon, Mike's were magenta not white.
  9. Interesting vise but I don't want to see the price once it's available.
  10. The only decent time in Florida is the dead of winter.
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