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  1. Have your friend check his Homeowners Insurance. Some policies include "Off premises" coverage. Doesn't hurt to ask his agent. Skinny
  2. Works fine lasts a long time. You won't lose it on your tying desk. Well worth the price for large flies requiring lots of tight packed hair. Skinny
  3. Kastking Ascension Soloscopic Fly Fishing Rod 8 Wt or 5Wt 9'. See video(s) on You Tube. Skinny
  4. FISHPOND Quickshot Rod Holder. Skinny
  5. You might look into Tommiecopper men's recovery compression wrist sleeves. Skinny
  6. Foghorn Leghorn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8TQZBHszI4 Skinny
  7. Take a look at Palsa Pinch On Float Indicator. Cut them in half for small flies, Skinny
  8. Try a Bullet Head Hopper a quick cinch to tie. A Chernobyl Ant will work great. Skinny
  9. Try vinyl cement HH-66 and vinly cement thinner HH-66. Thin the cement to water-consistancy before using. For high gloss use lacquer and thin it to your liking. Yep that is old school. High gloss =lacquer, and dull = vinyl cement. Skinny
  10. This one looks interesting. Sospenders 33 gram flyfishing life jacket. http://www.basspro.com/Sospenders-33-Gram-Manual-Inflatable-Fly-Fishing-Life-Jacket/product/10200571/?cmCat=CROSSSELL_HOMEPAGE Skinny
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5hjYvj9AMw skinny
  12. This might interest you. http://www.scientificanglers.com/plan-your-trip/fly-fishing-tips/how-choose-right-fly-line-weight-lefty-kreh Skinny
  13. A fly tied by Stig Hansen is a SMHAEN (screen name) style fly. Skinny
  14. I use a Brodin thermoplastic (rubber) Ghost Net for trout. Sweet! Verry light compaired to the old rubber nets. Don't know about the fish slime thing (rubber vs mesh) since I never lift trout out of the water unless I'm going to kill it to eat. Brodin is comming out with a new net bag made with a blend of plastics similar to what is used to make baby bottle nipples a I V bottles. They say it's half the weight of a Ghost Net, Skinny
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