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  1. I spent less than $6.50 for this stripping basket. It is a child's step stool distributed by GINSEY Belmar N.J. It cost $4.99 at OLD TOWN POTTERY. I cut the cones from a frozen popsicle mold that I purchase for a $1.00 and glued them in with GOOP. I cut two slots for a belt and drilled in a couple of drain holes. It is rated up to 200 lbs., so I use for a seat and have since it has large built in low profile rubber feet it has come in handy for a casting platform on a flats boat. It is design with that nice gentle curve and is very comftable when worn. A great deal for less than $6.50. Was this what you were looking for?
  2. Lenard's book title FLIES or Bate's book STREAMER AND BUCKTAILS . They are both out of print but, in your neck of the woods you stand a very good chance of finding a copy.
  3. To fish for arowana In South America and archer fish in Asia : Both of these species will try to jump or shoot a fly out of my favorite place to cast- A tree
  4. 1. For many years I and many other fishermen in the Melbourne area, caught small spotted sea trout under our lights on cigarette butts while when we trying to dip shrimp. Heck, some of us even made friendly wagers to see who catch the first, the largest or the most. 2. I use them to make fat bodies in some of my flies and I buy the filters for this purpose as shown in the photo. 3. A couple of years ago , I found a small sandpiper (bird) tangle up in the hair of a large fly with the hook still attached. Yes , I did free it: So before you point fingers -look at some of the materials that you use in your own fly making!!!!
  5. Some dries and wets with wings made of chamois
  6. A few from the past 6 months
  7. This happened about 20 yrs. ago. Was peeling a banana while holding a jungle cock neck ;turn on the garbage disposal to get rid of the banana peel and accidentally dropped in the jungle cock neck. Needless to say that was some expensive feathers down the drain.
  8. SOFTEX is very similar to WAPSI'S FLEX-SEAL or DAVE"S FLIXAMENT. One bottle of SOFTEX is about equal to four of theirs and cost less than two of their bottles put together. The label states it is durable penetrating and fast drying; it also gives some helpful hints about manipulating surfaces to create textures and adding glitter, furs or synthetic fibers. It also states re-coat as desired. It is marketed by ICON Products based in Castro Valley Ca. and I purchased SOFTEX at my local fly shop. I have been using it for about three weeks and have already fished flies, both fresh and salt waters, with excellent results
  9. A couple of my favorite buck-tails for catching bass. The bodies are chamois (creased) and the heads are my chamois head wrap. Both are colored with fabric paint and sealed with Softex a product that works with my style of tying. Pinked Belly Killie and Marsh Hawk
  10. Those materials, which you have mention, are already fully processed and will not work for this type of tying. I purchase most of my chamois from the automotive department in WALMART because I can pick and choose the ones that will work for this type of tying. To me, grading a chamois is on the same parallel as grading rooster capes and saddle patches. HOW TO PICK A CHAMOIS FOR FLY TYING A wimpy thin to medium thick, lacking much fuzz, with very little stretch chamois are closer to prime; whereas the medium to very thick, lots of fuzz, super absorbent car polisher type chamois are complete useless garbage . I hope this has been a help to you-Phil
  11. Since living on the Space Coast of Florida for forty years the rocket fume outflow has took effect!!!. From all the knowledge, I could gather, this style of tying has never been mastered before. These poppers and flies are extremely durable compared to most of their counter parts because the bodies are just about laminated to the hooks. The answer to what is "compression tying". It is first and foremost is that the body must be tied "resting" or "placed" on the top of a straight shank hook. A kinked shanked hook is of little or no benefit because the hook is never inserted in the cork. I use mostly wine bottle corks (both natural and synthetic) and sometimes balsa wood, which are easily cut or carved to desired shapes and this is combined with a single piece of natural sheep chamois. Unlike most flies the hackle wings and legs or rubber legs must always be tied in first. The tails of the poppers are tied in last as usual. The hoppers are also made with a single piece of chamois over a cork base. The hoppers antennae and kicking legs are cut into the chamois as it is being built; they are not additional ties. The thread wrapping, gluing, tying off and painting part of the body, is a very intricate due to the timing factor of "compressing the fly together. It took me at least a dozen times to accomplish satisfactory results. In the mean time, I have started to make a very time consuming video of how all this is done (including other insects, mice and lizards) which will be released at a later date. I know y'all did not want to hear that!
  12. About a year ago , I was participating in a few of the swaps and all of a sudden know one heard from me. What caused this? I had an electrical fire that completely destroyed my home office. Everything in that room was lost: computers, backup , disc, photos, all my personal records and every item involving the writings of the book I was in the midst of. I did not have any insurance to cover any of this and the road back has been somewhat time consuming. This is my first post , in coming back to Fly Tying Forum, and I owed a small group of you an apology for not completing the swaps -P.G. Beckett
  13. I been using a 3 gallon bucket ( the short version of a standard 5 gal. paint bucket ) with four small plastic funnels glued upside down on the bottom. It has more than met my needs and was very inexpensive to make,
  14. I sent a second batch of shrimp today just in case the others did not make it- Phil
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