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  1. Most of the time, when dry fly fishing, I will drown the fly at the end of a drift and has paid off many times. This makes the most of each drift
  2. Steam helps everything tighten up and as for the face are you using scissors or a razor blade to trim?
  3. Happy Father's Day hope everyone has a great day. Had to work today, wish I could have spent it with my boy fishing but there's always tomorrow.
  4. I had a MK 111 for my first vice. I now have a Griffin rotary and I enjoy it. I haven't perfected wrapping materials with the rotary feature although it is my perfered method when wrapping wire or any ribbing. I could live without the rotary feature. Back to the MK 111, as a beginner it made it easier to see what was happening from all sides that was the pro. The cons out numbered the benefits though. All the tension screws came loose too easily (they might have changed this). Among of very minor things, the main problem was that I had to return it after only 3 months of use do to the tip of the jaws mushrooming out and wouldn't hold hooks well. They replaced it at the fly shop I bought it at, but when the replacement came in it was a different style so I don't like this brand much at all. I would save a few extra bucks and buy a $100 vice than a $40 vice and you will be happier and for a long time until you want to buy an expensive vice, or not.
  5. For large browns I fish the Truckee River. I mostly use articulated squidro type flies and a few of Kelly Galloup's patterns, zoo cougars, sex dungeons, circus peanuts. Also any sculpin pattern like muddlers ect.
  6. Those are some great lookin squidros. I like tying squidro flies for Oregon steelhead and Northern Sierra trout(mostly big browns on the Truckee River). The trout versions are mostly olive or a craw pattern in orange. They work great for me, hope they work well for you too.
  7. What's up Alan! Welcome to the forum. There's lots of good information here and everyone's very generous, If you have questions you've come to the right place. Also check out the Fly Tying Database, it's full patterns done by our members. When you get the chance (if you want) you can add your own submissions to the database. Your living in a great place for fly fishing. I'm just south east of you in Reno, NV. Are you new to fly fishing and/or fly tying, or just to the forum?
  8. Kern River/Golden Trout Wilderness areas Check out Kern River Fly Fishing Forum
  9. This question has been asked here a few times before. We even went as far as testing the floatability of trimmed and un-trimmed hackles. The experiment proved that both floated the same for the same period of time. Also the consensus was that fish don't care it was more of a tier's preference of looks to not trim hackle. Finally we found there are many patterns that call for trimmed hackle (more than just the bottom).
  10. I have Simms Freestone with rubber sole. They're an awsome boot. I don't use cleats on the Truckee River in Nevada and California, but could have used them on the Mckenzie River in Oregon because their rocks were a lot slicker.
  11. Well I didn't get as much time on the river as I would like to have had, but I got out there none the less. The flows on the Mckenzie were perfect. No fish, but was a nice time on the river and I got to practice with the new switch line from Rio I just bought. What I should have done is get a hold of some of my friends sooner to take me out in one of their drift boats, but I didn't have much time. I made the trip so I could visit with my dad. We did make it up to the Fly Tying Expo in Albany, OR which was pretty cool. I picked up a new piece of art, some furled leaders, and a rod building book.
  12. When I first started fly fishing I used only dry flies, but with great success. Then the season changed and I realized quickly that the weather/temps. had the most influence on fish activity. I am just now getting the hang of nymph fishing. While nymphs may get more fish throughout the year, I still found dry fly fishing easier.
  13. Well this Thursday I'll be headed up to the Oregon coast to swing some flies with my switch rod. I lived in Oregon for ten years but only fly fished a few times up there. I will also be spending time on the Mckenzie and Willamette rivers. Hopefully my wife takes some good pics and maybe I'll get into some fish. If I get the chance when I get home I'll post some pics. Thursday seems so far away, I'm way too excited!
  14. In Kentucky's defense, I've read that when there is a prolific hatch that giving them something different that stands out as a different option can be successful.
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