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  1. What do you call that spider pattern? I would fish it!
  2. It might help! Tightlinevideos on youtube has a short video on how to place the herl on right were the fibers stick strait out when you wrap it on the hook shank. It helped me out a lot n my flies look more uniform. That one looks great for a size 20.
  3. I'm fishing pan fish here in southern California 7 out of the 10 flies are nymphs or wets the other 3 out of 10 are dries. The nymphs get picked up a lot more.
  4. Black olive n amber mainly for stone flies. I prefer goose for stone flies n turkey for bodies, takes a little extra time to learn how to use them correctly.
  5. Yes everyday a minimum of 25 flies. I then take a car ride to the lake and as i do my cardio (walk) ( minimum of 8 miles) i offer my flies to fishermen. The hobby pays for it self!
  6. I mainly use a 9w with heavy clausers in white. I fish los angeles county n orange county here in California. Keep it simple.
  7. Joined the local 300 laborers in 1990 for 1 year. Started working for private investigators full time for about 20 years n then went part time and became a part-time realtor here in the Los Angeles area. Lets see what's next!
  8. ERIC OTZINGER for his dry fly patterns.
  9. Yeah a chop stick with one end flat n a notch cut right in the center. Place the line on the notch n guide it to the hook, give a short up n down pull n it's out! It takes plactice!
  10. Finally found this thread again! I walked into Bob Marriott's fly fishing store and they have a couple of Matarelli bobbin holders and whip finishers. They also had other no longer made bobbin holders. Just go on their web page n search "Matarelli" n they'll come up if they are still there! Good luck.
  11. And yes next time i show to Bob Marriott's I'll take a look for different colors of that stuff. I've seen it there but every time i go there I get side tract. I personally think that place is better than Disneyland down the street! Sometimes i want to cry when i leave. Lol
  12. It's my experience BB peacock green is a go to color for pan fish. Mid summer (super hot days) the chartreuse n white for the crappie n small (6") bass. That material is fine, personal i like bucktail, or on size 10 or 12 i use calf tail.
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