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  1. Great place to order from! Fast shipping, great prices, placed 2 orders during the 35% off sale, can't believe how much stuff I received in those 2 orders compared to the price I paid. I would highly recommend them
  2. Can't wait to see what arrives in the mail, thank you for hosting the swap!! Rodney
  3. Vicente, thanks for allowing me to join the fun. This is my first swap on this site but I have done a few on some other sites, I made sure to read the rules before I committed to join the swap, if any questions pop up I will let you know Rodney
  4. I'll take the last spot if its still available Rodney
  5. RodL

    Regal Vice ?

    I have the standard and the midge jaws, the standard jaws will hold 12-16's without any issues, I only use the midge jaws when tying 20's and smaller. Rodney
  6. I have a friend who is a duck/goose hunter, I have tried goose and duck CDC, goose CDC is pretty much the same as duck and the goose feathers are slightly larger in overall size Rodney
  7. J Stockhard has the Atlas on sale for $129 right now, fits most of your requirments other than the price range Rodney
  8. I really like tying and fishing soft hackles, I have a friend who likes to hunt and he gives me all the bird skins after he cleans them which gives me access to many feathers. Like others have said you only need 2 or 3 materials to make a soft hackled fly. To me the hardest part of tying them is finding the correct sized feather to use, I have tried many different tying techniques but still like tying the feather in by the tip and wrapping it like normal hackle which means you need to find a correct sized feather for that size hook. Rodney
  9. I have those hackle pliers, work very well for me but still have some of the same issues as other pliers. I mostly used the electrical testers and rotary style when tying parachutes. I'm wouldn't say anything negative about them but I really don't see any difference between them and the other styles I use but that is just my opinion. Rodney
  10. My Regal has 1 groove in the standard jaws, it is about 20 years old, I bought a set of midge jaws 5 years ago and it doesn't have the groove. Most of my streamers are size 6 & 8 and I dont' seat the hook in the groove Rodney
  11. RodL

    Yough Minnows

    Most of the people I know that fish streamers in that area use white with a small amount of flash material. Rodney
  12. RodL

    Yough Minnows

    Kevin, I fish the yough lake and there are a ton of alewives(not sure if that spelling is correct) in the lake, it could be possible for them to be in the river as well. I fish the river around the confluence area and haven't noticed the minnows in that section of river Rodney
  13. I use Black when the water is off color, I have tried white and other bright colors but seem to have better luck with black. Rodney
  14. I do the same as Cheech, and have also used ostrich herl as tails on my buggers, just trim a bunch off and tie them in like marabou, I pinch and tear them to length instead of cutting with scissors so it doesn't make such a straight cut, this also works with marabou Rodney
  15. COMike: I use both rotary and regular hackle pliers on standard and parachute patterns, I prefer the rotary pliers on the parachute flies but don't really see any advantage to using them just a personal preference for me when tying that style of fly. They do help me when wrapping a hackle horizontally around the wing post but it can be done with regular hackle pliers without any problems. Chase Creek: Thanks for the tip on changing out the rubber piece on the end of the hackle pliers, unfortunately I tried that when they first started having slippage issue and they still slip, no problems with breaking the hackle tips just slippage. Rodney
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