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  1. Thanks for all the comments. The question is about fly tying in general and not about the fly tiers themselves, their preferences or what others should or shouldn't do..! Debating on different type questions is beneficial to learning new things and personally I don't think there's any thing to argue about. Just opinions.!
  2. No bad feelings intended, I just want to get some feed back from others on the forum. This is a Fly Tying Forum after all.! Cheers.
  3. What is the gray area of fly tying without crossing over to lure making or insect building.? Examples would be using plastic Bug parts, UV resins and all kinds of new synthetics on the market today, Or should it be natural materials like traditional fly tying.?
  4. I find that crazy glue work really well on foam when its brand new and depends on where You apply it on the fly. You can apply a light cote of head cement over the crazy glue and it should clear up.!
  5. I know BPS have 2 kinds of head cement. The first one is clear & dry solid, The second one is somewhat cloudy and is suppose to be the flexible type. You can add a bit of thinner or solvent to lighten it up, But don't add too much or You can ruin your head cement.!
  6. Thank you for posting. That's a nice pattern and I like your website too the Flytier's Page.!
  7. Hey now your vise last 3 times longer with 3 interchangeable jaws, usually vice only come with one set of jaws. That's a very good deal.!
  8. I check my line every time before I go fishing. Cleaning it can be as simple as a wet cloth and a very mild dish soap solution, some people even use Amoral or Rain X to coat their lines. But they do have other fly line dressing available in market for doing such a job, it comes down to personal preference and budget.!
  9. I think the Frank Sawyers Killer Bug is nice beginner fly and the Green Weenie. Remember that the more you tie, the better you get. Cheers.!
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