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  1. I honestly never struggled with davies accent , I feel he is pretty clear but I have heard others complain
  2. I like the location of the hot spot
  3. I think ithe hook would work fine but bugs come in all different sizes so it just depends if there is a specific insect that he is trying to imitate, 12- 18 are pretty common sizes. A 6/0 thread will work fine for a size 12. I find a 8/0 thread tends to be a good size for just about anything you will tie for trout.
  4. What your Looking at in that picture is a stripped peacock quill taken from a peacock eye. Davie mcphail ties a lot in this style and is you tube videos would be a big help... there are a lot of videos out there too on how to strip peacock quill.
  5. Thanks for the info mike,keep posting pictures as they turn out! I also use liquid fusion on my poppers. Lately Ive been lazy and doing the double barrel poppers with just some markers and no top coat. Fish crush them and they float great
  6. Mike, what do you end up coating your poppers with? I have really enjoyed those double barrel bodies. They fish well
  7. Yea you can pick up a hen saddle or neck pretty cheap in a variety of colors
  8. Thanks for the advise guys, I visited two of my local shops today and neither had whole skins...did end up buying some precut strips, that will get me by for now
  9. Wow that's a great resource, another thumbs up on the hobby lobby, didn't think of that will check mine out
  10. I'm wanting to buy some whole rabbit skins for cutting into strips/dubbing blends. Two questions 1. Does anyone know a good source? I've done some google searches, best buy I have found is 10 bucks a hide which seems reasonable but they didn't have a lot of colors which leads me to my second questions 2. How easy is it to dye a white skin to get your desired color. I have not dyed anything before I would prefer to not have to dye if I could find some good colors on a whole skin for reasonable
  11. Picked my first tomato today!
  12. Do a search for double barrel popper heads, maybe not exactly what your looking for from a bulk order stand point but they are very easy to work with, color, and are durable from what I have seen.
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