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  1. I just did a doz humpys n a doz ausable wulffs. If I know I'm doing that many I lay out all the materials on a small towel first. The nesessary hackles and the wings/tails cut, cleaned n stacked all ready go 13x. 13 because the first one is guaranteed to get the razor every time. Then it's off to the races. With everything laid out and uniform it's hard not to get good results.
  2. This fly with an up eye and the hook turn would do the trick, no?
  3. If it's in a pack you want to tease out small amounts. If your pulling clumps off the mask hold the clump in one hand and tease out what you need w/the other. Watch davie tie the ammonite nymph. The amount of hare he teases out of a clump to use in a dubbing loop is what you want to have on your finger when dubbing directly to the thread.
  4. Ohh nevermind, you gotta whole basement to work with....go big:)
  5. I don't know why that's sideways but you get the idea.
  6. 2x4 double sided tucked in a corner. Chop up some scrap for a frame n call it done.
  7. WOW! I can't believe all of the GRHE comments. I ran a GRHE under a holy grail ( basically a soft hackle GRHE ) on a drop shot rig 99% of the time this year and had my best year by far. I would, and practically did, give up everything else in the box for that fly. Ill second the copper john though....useless for me.
  8. I watched Pat tie a popper and picked up his vid at a show this year. After each spin or stack he cuts through the hair with the thread coming immediately to the front of each clump. Throws 3 half hitches in and drives those 3 hh into the hair with his packer. He then seals that up with a dab of zap or crazy glue, I don't remember which but I think he used a brush.
  9. Utyer, I'm guessing that can of pledge on your desk is pretty full. LOL
  10. I like the window casings Oh, the desk is nice too
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