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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the input. The "Miracle Mile' is now on the schedule!
  2. Hello all! I'll be heading to Casper in a few days and wanted to see if anyone had ideas on where to wet a line. What think ye?
  3. I am partial to Skip Morris books. Super simple but thorough at the same time. However, there are droves of videos that you can learn from these days. YouTube can hook you up!
  4. Welcome to the forum...it's a great place to hang out and learn. There are some talented guys around here!
  5. Welcome to the forum Bill! I am in East TN, not far from you. I love the SOHO and Watuaga, but I have been hitting the mountain streams lately. Holler at me, we can connect and hit the water. 423-833-8050
  6. Hey Smallie, I ordered some hooks and I would have ordered more but some of the sizes I need were not available. Will the hooks get restocked?
  7. True...but you could always go buy a coffee grinder and create your own olive!
  8. Cheech nailed it....match the hatch! That's by far the best route. Your mayflies may be a shade different than in my area. I buy little glass viles and catch bugs and bring them home to get an exact match.
  9. LOL...well, I reckon I'm a day late and a dollar short. I just noticed it was highlighted and I'm trying to make a point to welcome all the newbies.
  10. Welcome Abomb5800! This is THE place for learning about fly tying. We have a bunch of talented tyers around here. Where are you located in Colorado? I've done a good bit of fishing around there.
  11. Hey Old Krow, welcome to the forum. This is a great place to learn about and hone your fly tying skills. Where are you on the GC?
  12. Congrats...you made it!
  13. Welcome! I have always wanted to ice fish but have never had the chance. Maybe one of these days!
  14. Welcome back...glad you made it over the hump!
  15. At the end of the day...that's what it's about. Tie what works!
  16. Tying is therapy for me, so I have droves of flies that have never been fished. I've even tried my hand at realistics. But I enjoy learning and trying new techniques. For fishing, I tie a few patterns that really work for me.
  17. Maybe if the "Introduce Yourself" was more visible....we'd do more welcoming!
  18. I never go fishing without a zebra!
  19. Welcome to the forum!
  20. Truth is, you can use a hook anyway you like. Be careful not to get snookered into using a certain brand hook. Focus more on the style you need. There are a lot of decent hooks on the market. Have fun tying!
  21. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask Agreed! This forum is the perfect place for questions. Keep asking!
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