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  1. I completely understand Steve. Life can be overbearing sometimes, but as your quote alludes to,there is still a lot of fun stuff left to pursue. Losing a person close to you always sucks,but they wouldn't want you sitting around feeling sorry for them,or, yourself. That thought keeps me plodding along when times suck
  2. ok, I'll play 1st one. My girl Katie doing some retrieving drills on the farm behind my house 2nd One. The Groundhog that was in Katies kennel, up the tree, beside the kennel 3rd.Not my backyard,but a NWR a couple of hours away. Tundra Swan
  3. The Mad Duck


    Sorry to hear about this Mike!
  4. I've had both hands done. One about 18 years ago and the other 12 years ago. It takes almost no time to recover and you shouldn't lose any mobility
  5. I would like 5 minutes in a dark alley with scammers like this.
  6. Well, When the rain stops, I'm going to go train with my dog, then go shoot a couple of new guns I just acquired
  7. I'm a bit more partial to "Fearless" on Meddle. I like all of their stuff,but Animals is hands down my favorite.
  8. Let the boy discover the hook set on his own. When he has that moment of realization that.."Thats how it works", you will have a true angler on your hands.
  9. Very nice!! It almost has an industrial look with that reel seat
  10. I had something similar happen to me, sort of. I went to work for a large company and when the admin person entered my SS#,she transposed the middle 2 numbers. After I filed my taxes the following year, I got a cease and desist letter from the the guy,who owned the SS# that my taxes had been filed under. It took almost a year to get the IRS off of my back and get my taxes corrected. It was my fault for not checking the SS# that was on the check, but I just really didn't think about it since they had a copy of my SS card on file.
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