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  1. The Mad Duck


    My latest project. This gun started its life as a Ruger 10/22. I replaced..The factory stock with a Magpul x-22 Hunter stock. I replaced the factory barrel with Kidd innovation 20 in Bull barrel. All of the retention pins have been replaced as well as the magazine release lever.I have a Kidd Innovations 2 stage trigger group on the way. If I decide to get a new receiver, I will have replaced the whole gun and can rebuild the original 10/22.
  2. These little gizmos are really handy stream side helping to tie small leader knots
  3. We got into a swarm of them over on a tailwater in Tennessee many years ago and huge brown trout were slurping them off of the surface. It was one of the best days I ever had for big trout. I cant tell you how many over 18 inches we caught that day. Its supposed to be "that" year again,this year.
  4. I found a website that has maps of where the 17 year cicadas are supposed to emerge this year and several of my fishing spots are in areas where the cicadas are supposed to emerge. I sat and looked at several cicada patterns and mashed them together to make, some foam cicadas. Its nothing fancy and not terribly hard to make. I had an idea for the eyes. I ordered a box of the little pins that you stick in maps and used them for eyes. I think they look pretty good as eyes.
  5. How slow is the mail these days? I ordered a bag of charcoal online. By the time it arrived through USPS, the coal had turned into diamonds 😜
  6. Photos don't do this rod justice. Mama ooh'd and awww'd over the cork handles
  7. I dont think I would EVER jump out of a perfectly functional airplane. Its not the fall that worries me, its the sudden stop at the end of the fall
  8. Buggy? To me, its anything that looks like a bug..floating OR subsurface
  9. I saw a couple for a fairly reasonable price on Ebay within the last week
  10. Leave the camera in AV mode. Use a higher F-stop ..f11,f16 or f22. Make sure you are shooting off something steady and make sure you have sufficient light. The higher the aperture number (fstop), the less light enters the camera. The lower the f-stop #, more light is allowed in. Assuming you have sufficient light,an f-stop setting of f11,f16 or f22 should give you better depth of field. Just remember fstop number is the aperture setting on the lens HIgh number f11 and up achieves a deeper depth of field Lower numbers like f2.8 or f4 achieves a shallower depth of field. This article explains it fairly simply https://digital-photography-school.com/understanding-depth-field-beginners/
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